Clinical Trials e-Newsletter | November 2020

Clinical Trials e-Newsletter
Immunotherapy Treatments for Prostate Cancer
Did You Know:
Immunotherapies helps the immune system better:

  • Target the cancerous cells and avoids the healthy cells
  • Remember the cancer, so if it returns, it can slow or stop the cancer’s ability to spread
  • Monitor for cancerous growth by decreasing the cancer’s ability to escape detection
There are an increasing number of prostate cancer immunotherapy clinical of trials. Three such trials are the focus of this newsletter.
Clinical Trials
BiTE (bispecific antibodies) binds to the cancer and also to the T-cells that kill the cancer. In doing so, this therapy closes the space between the patient’s T-cells and prostate cancer. This allows the body’s T- cells to more efficiently attack and kill the prostate cancer cells. 

BiTE clinical trials:

Nivolumab (Opdivo) is an antibody-based therapy that prevents the cancer from inhibiting the immune response against the cancer. This therapy has been approved to treat other types of cancers.

Nivolumab clinical trial:

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Bone Health Alert!

Prostate cancer and treatments can cause bone loss, which can lead to “FRACTURES.

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