Impact 100 Chicago

February 2019 Newsletter


I am happy to announce that we will be awarding One $100,000 Impact Grant and Three sizeable Merit Grants at the Grant Award Celebration in May!  Attaining this goal took a lot of work by many Impact 100 Chicago members. Our numbers are down this year  as is the trend many nonprofits are seeing due to the change in the tax laws.   If you missed the deadline or know of others who would like to join ... it is not too late!
As February progresses, I look forward to learning which non-profits will be moving forward to site visits. Our Grant Review Committees especially enjoy interacting and learning more about our potential finalists during this part of the process. We will share a complete report in our next newsletter.
A reminder for those members whose companies have matching funds: please submit your request to your employers. These matching funds are used to offset our Impact 100 Chicago operating expenses and are therefore very important to maintaining the fiscal responsibility of our all-volunteer organization.

Kathy Loria, President
Impact 100 Chicago

Grant Review Committees' Progress Update

We have reached the mid-point of our grant cycle.  
Grant Review Committees (GRCs) have finished the review of 26 full grant applications.  Twelve nonprofits have been selected as possible site visit candidates.  These will be forwarded to the Financial Review Committee (FRC) for vetting.  Once the FRC has completed their work to assess the overall financial stability and sustainability of each nonprofit, site visits will begin in March.
Many GRC members believe site visits are one of the most educational and rewarding aspects of our grant cycle.  It is a wonderful opportunity to personally engage staff and gain a better understanding of the nonprofit's mission, grant project, and the underserved communities we would support.
Following the site visits, each GRC will come together and determine which nonprofit they will put forth for consideration as an Impact Grant recipient at the May awards dinner.

Call for Volunteers!

It is not too early to begin planning for our 9 th Grant Awards Celebration that will be held in  May 2019. More details will be shared in March.

One great way to get to know other Impact 100 Chicago members is by volunteering to help with this signature event. 

The following committees ALL need volunteers:
*Folders Committee (6 people): prints and stuffs the folders that members receive at the Registration Table at the event.
*Registration Committee (4 people): official greeters at the Registration Table the night of the event, checking people in, and handing out the registration materials.  
*Decorations/Centerpiece Committee (6 people): creates the decor for dinner tables and purchases floral bouquets for our Impact Grant and Merit Grant recipients.
*Clean Up Committee (6 people): following the event will collect any decorations or materials from the celebration and tidy up the space.

PLEASE CONTACT   Glenna Waxler  and let her know how you would like to help out!

2018 Impact Grant Winner Update
St. Leonard's Ministries

St. Leonard's is proud to partner with Victory Gardens Theater on 
February 24, 2019, for a breathtaking performance and panel discussion about the family and community impacts of the School to Prison Pipeline. A pre-show reception and post-show panel discussion will accompany this St. Leonard's exclusive performance.
Sunday, February 24, Victory Gardens Theater
1:30 p.m. Reception with St. Leonard's Ministries
3 p.m. performance, followed by panel discussion featuring the men of St. Leonard's and Crystal Laura, author of "Being Bad: My Baby Brother and the School-to-Prison Pipeline."