February 2021 Newsletter

Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love

It's not how much we give, 
but how much love we put into giving.
- Mother Teresa

Who knew that one year ago we would be asked to reinvent how we work, reach, teach, commune and play?

Organizations we typically fund had to pivot and redesign how to feed, house and serve the rising needs of vulnerable clients. It is amazing how many have creatively made use of dwindling resources to respond. Our applications for grant awards are up by 25% for this grant cycle over last year and present too many compelling projects deserving of our attention.

January was a busy month as we processed through all our Letters of Inquires and notified the nonprofits selected to move forward to the Full Grant application. The Impact 100 Chicago Board has been working hard to secure members for our 2021 giving season. Special thanks to Mindy Winkel for her inspiring outreach to past members!

If you have not already joined, please join today.
If you have joined, please pass the word along to your family and friends. They can still be involved in the process and make an impact in our community! 

Ensure Your 2020/2021 Impact 100 Chicago Membership!

The initial stage of the Grant Cycle has been completed.  Suburban nonprofits submitted Letters of Inquiry which were reviewed by the three Grant Review Committees. After much discussion, ranking, and rating, 13 nonprofits were invited to submit Full Grant Applications. These Full Grant applications are due by Friday, February 19th. Chairs of the Grant Review Committees will alert their committee members when applications are ready for review. GRCs will meet to determine potential site visit candidates to be moved forward to Financial Review by March 10th. Financial Review Committee (FRC) approval is necessary before site visits are scheduled.  There is still time to participate on the FRC - meetings will be virtual and we welcome new members.  If you are interested, contact Reena Saluja.

Thank you to all of the committee members and the committee chairs for their thoughtful consideration of the nonprofit LOIs. Your time and generosity is what makes our model successful.  Many thanks for your impact!

Thanks to the efforts of Kathy Froehlich and the rest of the Impact 100 Chicago Board, 
our new website is live and looks amazing!