Impact 100 Chicago

June 2019 Newsletter

Impact 100 Chicago is gearing up to start its 10th year!!! 

The impact we have in our communities continues to be inspiring and empowering, as highlighted below in words of gratitude from some of our recent grant winners.

Thank you to all of you! Because of your support, we are still going strong and look forward to celebrating a decade of Women Empowering Change...

Board of Directors
Impact 100 Chicago

Thank You for Making an IMPACT!!!

To the lovely ladies and amazing team at Impact 100 Chicago,
Thank you for believing in us and for giving us the platform from which to share our big fat dreams at the Rebuilding Exchange.
On behalf of the rest of our board and our amazing staff, we want to share how incredibly honored we are to have been selected for this profound investment. To us, it says "we believe in you", "we're rooting for you" and "we think you're going places" - all the same messages we hope to convey to our apprentices we have the pleasure of working with every day.
We cannot wait to share with you our progress over time, and - as Susan (Morris) shared - to leverage your investment to raise awareness and support for our larger mission at work.
Thank you for your genuine interest, your extreme due diligence and your big bear hugs. Our feet have literally not hit the floor since Tuesday night - we float higher and dream bigger because of your faith in us. 
All the best and many thanks,
Maria Kim, Board Member & Elise Zelechowski, Founder Rebuilding Exchange

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More Thanks...

I just wanted to reach out to send a quick note to express our sincere appreciation for the generous grant last night and the opportunity to share our story with your members!
I was so impressed with your statistics last night and the amount of support you have provided to Chicagoland social service organizations - $3 million has certainly changed so many, many lives!  All of the women we met were so committed to their giving, and wanted to clearly understand the impact that could be extended through their generosity. You have truly created an amazing organization and we were honored to present to them!
As the smallest and newest of the three presenting, we were honored to be included in such an amazing group! To have been passed through as a finalist via your very thorough screening and vetting gives us tremendous affirmation in what we are doing, and the value that it brings to our community. As I kept saying last night, the hardest job in that room was not presenting in 10 minutes (although that was scary!) it was for you and the other members who had to make a choice. Please pass on our gratitude to all of your members - we know that many hours of dedicated attention were given to our LOI, grant app, and the summary of the site visit! 
We know that you are busy but please know that our doors are open!!! If you ever have the time for a quick drive up to Waukegan, I can guarantee we will have kids and moms and dads who would love to show you around!
Thank you again for this amazing opportunity - 
Peggy Talbot
Board Member, Beacon Place