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January 2017
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A Message from the President 
Dear women of Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis and our loyal supporters,
Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis president Beth Thomas
It's a reason to celebrate! We are going to give away $156,000 this year, our twelfth year. As of June 2017, when the grant winners will be selected by our voting members, we will have given away a total of $1,913,000 since our founders started this giving circle in 2006. This is not a small amount, and every one of our members and those who have contributed to and supported our organization should be proud.

Impact 100 members received an email earlier this month with some preliminary amounts, but these are the final figures for 2017.
Here are the numbers for 2017:
  • Total Funds to be awarded: $156,000
  • Major grant award amount: $100,000 (awarded to the finalist receiving the most votes at the annual dinner on June 13th)
  • Residual grant award amount: $56,000 in unrestricted grants shared equally among the other finalists
  • Number of members (this includes women in shared memberships): 215 (highest EVER!)
  • Number of shared memberships: 29 (highest EVER!)
  • Number of scholarship members: 11 (highest EVER!)
  • Number of returning members: 138 (highest EVER!)
  • Number of new members: 62 (highest since our first few years)
WE HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK in terms of membership numbers!! It took all of us doing what we do best, working together, to make this happen. I am very excited about the good work all of you are doing.

From now through May, the Arts & Culture, Education, Environment, Family, and Health & Wellness Focus Area Committees will be busy reviewing and discussing the proposed projects and applications submitted to them by greater Indianapolis area nonprofits, followed by site visits and the selection of a finalist from each committee. Then those finalists will spend a few weeks planning their presentations to the full membership at our annual meeting on June 13. Those finalists who have made a presentation to our annual meeting will tell you it's the most terrifying and energizing seven minutes of their lives. But the good news is that every nonprofit that makes it to the annual meeting is guaranteed at least $14,000.

Yes, it's going to be an exciting year for Impact 100 and the nonprofits selected to bring their grant proposal to the annual meeting. And you, through your financial and moral support, have helped us make it happen.

Thanks for reading,
Beth Thomas
Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis
January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month
Our 2016 grant winner, Ascent 121 and Lutheran Child and Family Services, have let us know that January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month. In 2016 more than a hundred survivors received recovery services from Ascent 121, yet there are still many people who think trafficking doesn't happen here. If you'd like to help spread the message, go to their website and learn how you can become a Social Media Advocate. You may also want to review the Indiana Attorney General's Report on Human Trafficking. Download it here to get an in-depth look at the scope of human trafficking in Indiana as well as our state's responses in prosecution, protection and prevention.
Focus Area Committee Information  
One of the most rewarding aspects of being an Impact 100 member is participating on a committee responsible for choosing a finalist in one of our five Focus Areas. If you'd like to be on a committee, it's important to submit your preferences now, so that committees can be finalized before their first meetings in mid-January.
Please go to the FAC Sign-up Form right away if you haven't already. On this form, you'll be asked to rank your preference and indicate if there are any committees you absolutely cannot sit on due to schedule or conflict of interest. To help you make a decision as to which committees you want to mark on the form, the dates, location and times are provided here.
Meeting 1
Meeting 2
Meeting 3
Laura Dahlem
Arts & Culture
Indianapolis Public Library Foundation, 2450 N. Meridian
Tues, 1/17, 12:30 pm
Tues, 2/7, 12:30 pm
Tues, 4/4, 12:30 pm
Kathy Jenkins
Carmel Library, Board Room, 55 4th Ave SE, Carmel
Tues, 1/17,
5 pm
Tues, 2/7,
5 pm
Tues, 4/4,
5 pm
Pat Scahill
IU North Hospital, 11700 N. Meridian, Carmel
Mon, 1/23,
5 pm
Mon, 2/6,
5 pm
Mon, 4/3,
5 pm
Deb Ladyman
Girl Scouts Leadership & Learning Center, 7201 Girl Scout Lane, 46214
Weds, 1/18, 12 pm
Weds, 2/8, 12 pm
Weds, 4/5, 12 pm
Larissa Warne
Health & Wellness
Meridian United Methodist Church, 5500 N. Meridian
Thurs, 1/19, 8:30 am
Thurs, 2/2, 8:30 am
Thurs, 4/6, 8:30 am
If you are unfamiliar with the various committees and the types of nonprofits applications they review, go to the Focus Areas page on our website.
Questions or concerns? Let us know at [email protected].
Final Report:  2015 $100,000 Grant Winner Indy Urban Acres 

The Indianapolis Parks Foundation and Indy Urban Acres (IUA) have submitted their final grant report, and there was plenty of good news to share. With the 2015 $100,000 grant, IUA established a two-acre flower farm that provided a new earned income stream for the farm in 2016. Flowers were sold at the Binford Farmers' Market, for special events (mostly weddings), and at one Kroger store in Carmel for a gross revenue of $42,524. Revenue from the flower farm was invested directly into IUA operations, allowing IUA to harvest 28,247 pounds of organic produce (203,741 servings) and donate it to food pantries. The estimated retail value of the produce is $109,476.

And there was a wonderful surprise in their report: IUA is expanding to a second site on the west side in partnership with Eskenazi Health-at the Eskenazi Pecar Health Center! The pharmacy at the Pecar Health Center was the recipient of the first Impact 100 Grant in 2006.

Realizing IUA's potential to improve the health of food-insecure families, Eskenazi Health asked IUA to expand to their Pecar Center because it is located in a food desert. IUA will grow organic produce that will be donated to the food pantry on site and allocated to specific patients by the physicians at the health center. IUA anticipates that it will produce about 30,000 pounds of food on this site.
Save "Sharing Our Mission":  A Special Reception for Shared Membership and Scholarship Recipients, Wednesday, January 18, 5:30-7:30pm at Rock Steady Boxing

One of the distinguishing features of Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis is our inclusion of Shared Memberships and Scholarships. They have been shown to be key to invigorating and growing our organization. We will celebrate these special members and explain their place in the organization. This event is open to all members and guests interested in knowing more about Impact 100. If you did not receive an evite, please RSVP to   [email protected] .
Cyber Security Workshop from Annual Dinner Presenting Sponsor W3

W3, the Presenting Sponsor of the Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis 2017 Annual Dinner, has announced the first W3 workshop of 2017 - Cyber Security Threats are Evolving - Are You?--presented by Special Agent Kathleen Guider with the FBI. Ms. Guilder, who has 21 years of experience with the FBI, says the best defense is education, and she has a lot to teach us.

Join W3 members and other Impact 100 members on Thursday, February 9 from 5:30 - 7 pm, at Coopers Hawk Winery. Please RSVP to Whitney Schmitt at [email protected] if you'd like to attend. As always, Impact 100 members are welcome to bring along others who may have an interest in this topic. Because Whitney and W3 expect this event to fill up quickly, please register early! 
News from Other Impact 100 Organizations 

Did you know there was an Impact 100 in Australia? We received an email this week from Impact 100 Freemantle, Australia, asking us to share their YouTube video on their most recent grant recipient: Growing Change. It's great to hear that like-minded organizations are making an impact all over the world!        
Impact Project Event March 4, 9:30am  

2016 Impact 100 grant winners Lutheran Child & Family Services and Ascent 121 invite you to Hope For Human Trafficking. The two organizations are partnering with Christ the Savior Lutheran Church for an outreach event that will raise awareness throughout the Indianapolis community. The event features experts in victim services, social serves, educators and local law enforcement. There will be opportunities for Impact 100 members to volunteer at the event.
When:  Saturday, March 4 from 9:30 to 3:00
Where: Christ The Savior Lutheran Church, 10500 E 126th St, Fishers
Upcoming Impact 100 Events
  • Wednesday, January 18, 5:30-7:30pm: "Sharing Our Mission" A Special Reception for Shared Membership and Scholarship Recipients, at Rock Steady Boxing

    One of the distinguishing features of Impact 100 Greater Indianapolis is our inclusion of Shared Memberships and Scholarships. They have been shown to be key to invigorating and growing our organization. We will celebrate these special members and explain their place in the organization. This event is open to all members and guests interested in knowing more about Impact 100. If you have not received an evite, please RSVP to [email protected].
  • June 13: Annual Meeting at Ritz Charles in Carmel