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April, 2018

President's Message: 
In last month's  Impact 100 Council newsletter , Impact 100 founder Wendy Steele noted the dramatic rise in collective giving networks over the last 10 years: providing nearly $1.29 Billion in funding while involving 1 in 8 American donors.
"The role that Impact 100 plays is in this arena is significant; Impact 100 chapters have awarded more than $55 Million since our first grant was awarded in Cincinnati in 2002, and 2017 marks the first time Impact 100 chapters have awarded more than $10 Million in one calendar year!" - Wendy Steele
That's certainly an "impact" that we are grateful YOU are a part of!  We know that WOMEN TOGETHER are at the heart of CHANGING LIVES, given ongoing research in philanthropy.  
  • National trends show that individual giving - which is what Impact 100 is grouped in as a collective giving organization - is increasing.
  • Evidence finds that gender differences in giving are real, and women are key players in philanthropy.  
Ladies, we are part of this movement.  The growing prominence of women leading philanthropy is here to stay.  Research has found that women often lead the charitable giving in households and that " women give more than their male peers at virtually all income levels ."  This tendency, coupled with the fact that women will control an estimated $33.5 trillion in North America by 2030 means that women's influence in financial decision-making will continue to grow in importance.
But women continue to report less confidence than men about managing overall finances, as summarized in a  recent investments study.  Impact 100 empowers women to dramatically improve lives by collectively funding significant grants that make a lasting impact in our community.  Part of that empowerment includes equipping our members and their families with the financial knowledge to achieve their lifelong goals and support the causes they love.
We hope you will join us in learning together at the Impact 100 Educational Event: Empowering Women with Financial Literacy.  Feel free to bring a spouse, family member or friend as a guest.
The event will take place on April 12th, from 5:30-8:30 in Oakley.  Highlights include the keynote speech on women's financial literacy as well as breakout sessions focused on retirement planning and charitable giving.  In addition, our 2009 grant recipient Economics Center for Education & Research will provide an update on their financial and economics literacy programs for youth.
Thank you to all of the Impact 100 women who have joined this movement to benefit our communities through the power of collective giving!

Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer
Impact 100 President

EDU Event: Empowering Women with Financial Literacy
Members of Impact 100 and their guests are invited to our annual Education Event.  Together with professionals from our Big Impact! sponsor, Fidelity Investments, attendees will explore how financial literacy can help empower women to achieve their lifetime goals.  Following the keynote speech, additional breakout sessions will focus on enhancing charitable giving and retirement planning.

Hearty appetizers catered by Venice on Vine.  
The cost for this event is $15/attendee.  Members, spouses, and guests welcome!
Free Parking

RSVP by April 6, 2018

Installment Payments are an Option for your Membership!
Monthly installments are a great way to budget for your Impact 100 dues. We encourage anyone interested in this option to start your 2019 membership now! 
Making installments of $250/quarter starting in April  will make you a full member by year end (the membership deadline).
More details can be found  HERE  and also by emailing  governance@impact100.org

Young Philanthropists Program: Share & Apply Today
Applications are now open  for the
Young Philanthropist S cholarship Program Class  of 2019
Still time t o apply!

This program, made available through the generosity of donors, is  a means for encouraging  younger members of our community to experience women's collective giving.
It specifically  targets those individuals with an interest in philanthropy that would initially struggle to fund a  new membership on their own but feel capable of doing so in 4 years.

Applications will be accepted through April 6, 2018.
Four individuals will be chosen for 2019 membership by May 2018.
For more information contact Lindsey Huhn at  youngphilanthropist@impact100.org

Would you like to have $100 donated to your favorite charity?
NEW!  Would you like to have $100 donated to your favorite charity?  Easy!  This prize will be awarded to the member who refers the most NEW members to Impact 100 for 2019!  Start recruiting today, so that YOU can be our Recruiter who gives back! 

Mission Moment: Cincinnati Therapeutic Riding & Horsemanship
Through equine assisted therapies and activities,   Cincinnati Therapeutic Riding & Horsemanship  (2016 Impact 100 Grant Recipient) serves children and adults with disabilities and unique challenges, helping them to achieve a greater quality of life.

WORTH, Warrior's Own Road To Horsemanship, introduced six years ago, is an award-winning program for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI) and other conditions and challenges. In this six-week program, veterans have the opportunity to gentle wild mustangs.  

Read the full story HERE.

"The work we're doing in W.O.R.T.H. is now officially and scientifically considered game-changing! Two new studies validate equine therapy's benefits to veterans with PTSD and quantify the role it is playing. The two studies were run by Baylor University and the University of Missouri-Columbia, respectively, and each showed Clinical Meaningful Change in the PTSD levels of veterans working with horses.  
Specifically, the studies revealed a "clinically significant decrease in PTSD symptoms, improved social functioning, vitality, less interference of emotions on daily activities, and increased participation." Of course, none of this comes as a surprise to us, right?! We've been observing those same results since launching W.O.R.T.H.!" 

Rob Seideman
Executive Director

Impact 100 is moving to ONLINE Voting at the Annual Awards Celebration
After research, several test ballots and strong positive member feedback, the Impact 100 board decided to use the  online voting platform   Election Buddy  for ballot entry in determining the grant recipients at the 2018 Annual Awards Celebration. (There will be paper ballots available at the  Annual Awards Celebration  for those who are unable to vote online.)

While the Annual Awards Celebration includes annual meeting business, as chartered in our  b ylaws, t his affordable system will s peed up the balloting process within the event, significantly reduce the number of workers needed to tabulate the votes, and reduce the potential for data entry error .

In order to ensure our members are comfortable with this system we will run one more test ballot that will extend from May through mid-July. All members are encouraged to vote in this trial election to confirm that they can correctly submit a ballot. This extended time period allows ample time to receive ballot assistance if questions arise. This ballot will be identical in structure to that of the grant finalist ballot but will ask other questions upon which the Impact 100 board desires input from its members. Please look for an email in May inviting you to vote.
We are excited to roll out this new technology and thank you for your assistance.

Women's Collective Giving Grantmakers Network 
Started in 2009,  WCGN (Women's Collective Giving Grantmaking Network)   has been dedicated to expanding the knowledge of women about best practices in philanthropic giving. The founding member organization representatives decided that the most expedient way to create best practices was to share knowledge and experiences of like organizations, which we do in our monthly webinars and on our website. Every 18 months, member organizations  like Impact 100 Cincinnati  and notable leaders gather in a host city to spend 2 days on an array of timely and important topics germane to informed grantmaking.

Learn more about the October 21-23 Conference in Philadelphia, PA HERE or represent the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana region by registering here:  www.wcgn-network.org

Member Spotlight
Judy Stober
Judy Stober

Who am I?
I am a native Cincinnatian who returned 'home' in 2010 after retirement. I worked 35+ years in the field of health and the environment. I was fortunate to work in the latter half of my career at the international level at the World Health Organization where I worked with governments, private industries, scientific associations, labor organizations and citizens groups from around the world to identify the environmental causes of disease and institute partnership programs to minimize these risks. This afforded me the opportunity to gain new perspectives and insight into addressing and managing risks and challenges that the most vulnerable in communities face. During this period I participated in the UN's Staff 1% for Development Fund (a form of 'giving circle') - serving on the management and project selection committees for several years. Now as a retiree my time is my own so to speak, I spend my time volunteering, traveling, and enjoying many activities & adventures that I did not have time for while working.
What made me want to join Impact 100?
I was going through a process of thinking how I could become more strategic in my charitable giving when I read a news article about Impact 100 and was intrigued. I was impressed by the operation and scope of the organization, that 100% of donations went to funding grants that are 'transformational', and that members can actively participate in the grant selection process and the day to day management and running of the organization.
What keeps me a member of Impact 100?
2018 is my second year of involvement with Impact 100; first year as a member. The high standards of the organization - its operating principles and procedures - give me confidence in the selection and oversight processes. The knowledge that the funding from Impact 100 will be 'transformational' significantly enabling the ability of the grantee to address an identified need in my local area is a key factor for me.  The opportunity to work in partnership with such a diverse and experienced group of dedicated members is a special privilege. 

2018 Calendar of Events - Save These Dates!
Mark Your Calendars for the Following Upcoming Events:

March 26 - May 11
Focus Area Committee review Common Grants & Site Visits
April 12
Educational Event: "Empowering Women with Financial Literacy"
June 26
Meet the Finalists - Carnegie Hall at Newport 6pm - 8:30pm
September 13
Annual Awards Celebration - Music Hall 5:30pm - 9:00pm
October 25
Volunteer Appreciation
November 27
Giving Tuesday - Performance Lexus RiverCenter 6pm - 8:30pm

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