December, 2017
President's Message
Donna Broderick

"It's not about how much we give but how much love we put into giving." Saint Teresa of Calcutta
We were excited to celebrate this week at our Giving Tuesday Event - our celebration of what our member's generosity and the work of our partner nonprofits has accomplished.
Just this year, by collectively pooling our donations, Impact 100 was able to award over $400,000 through 4 grants of $101,000 to nonprofits in our community. Your donations will help  expand wrap-around service to opiate addicted pregnant women and their newborns  (First Step Home),  build an agricultural learning center in a food desert while expanding learning opportunities to youth in foster care (Lighthouse Youth & Family Services),  equip living facility of single mothers pursuing secondary education with technology and IT support (Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission) and  u pgrade and relocate Audiology Clinic to enable diagnostic hearing testing and increase audiology services ( Ohio Valley Voices).
As we come to the end of our 16th year we look at all that Impact 100 has been able to accomplish. More important than the $4 million invested and the 37 grants awarded since 2001 is the more than 200,000 lives we have touched in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky/Eastern Indiana community as a result of your kindness! THANK YOU!
The nonprofit agencies in our community continue to show a very strong interest in applying for an Impact 100 grant.  Over 180 agency representatives registered to attend the Information Sessions, and many have begun the process of completing a Letter of Intent (LOI).  We are looking forward to reviewing their creative proposals.
I'd like to extend a special thanks to the members of the 2017 Board for their outstanding leadership, service, passion and hard work.  They've left a solid foundation for continued growth.  We're sad to say farewell to our departing members: Sarah Buckley, Julie Metzger and Sharon Mitchell.
The new 2018 Impact 100 Board has been elected.  We are fortunate to have a wonderful Board of 21 talented, committed women serving the organization.  They are:
  • Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer, President
  • Sarah Grace Mohr, Vice President and Signature Events Chair
  • Kristen Wevers, Vice President and PR/Marketing Chair
  • Becky Scheeler, Secretary
  • Cindy Cosway, Treasurer
  • Rose Palmieri, Grant Review Coordinator
  • Jenny Berg, Recruiting Chair
  • Christine Dauenhauer, Recruiting Co-Chair
  • Cindy Givens, Nonprofit Coordinator
  • Donna Broderick, Past President
  • Laureen McCorkle, Development Chair
  • Kim Carroll, Membership Co-Chair
  • Shannon Yung, Membership Co-Chair 
  • Teresa Benson, Finance Chair
  • Rhiannon Hoeweler, Focus Area Chair
  • Clare O'Brien, Focus Area Chair
  • Caroline Bieser, Focus Area Chair
  • Stephanie Tunison, Focus Area Chair
  • Kathy Thornton, Focus Area Chair
  • Afrooz Kharazmi, WebSite Chair
  • Mary Beth Young, Communications Chair
We invite all our members to serve on an Impact 100 Committee or volunteer your time in 2018. We have a wide variety of opportunities including:
  • Standing Committees
  • Letter of Intent, Grant Review and Financial Committees
  • Volunteering in your area of interest/expertise
Please see the website for Volunteer sign-up instructions.
We are in the last month of our 2018 membership drive which will allow us to continue providing support and hope in our community through transformational grants. We are always trying to grow and improve but we need your help. If you can help by introducing a friend or colleague to Impact 100 - there is no better time than now!  Memberships are due by December 31st! Please share the Impact 100 story, and help us recruit others to reach those in need.
In closing, I would like to thank you for the privilege of serving as president of Impact 100 for the last 2 years. Impact 100 is dear to my heart; not only because of what has been accomplished but also because of the wonderful women I have worked with. I leave you in VERY capable hands, as Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer and the board of 2018 are excited to build upon the accomplishments from 2017.
Have a Very Blessed Holiday!

All the best,
Donna Neyer Broderick
President, Impact 100

Giving Tuesday: 
A Celebration of Impact 100 Grant Recipients
Tuesday, November 28, over 100 Impact 100 members and guests joined at Graydon to meet with and hear progress reports from Starfire, Community Matters, Lighthouse Youth and Family Services, Ohio Valley Voices, First Step Home, and Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission.  

More photos on our Facebook page album for #GivingTuesday found HERE.

Venice on Vine was our caterer. Food was plentiful and wonderful.

A big thank you to our newest sponsor- Fidelity Investments, our "Big Impact" sponsor for 2017-2018.

Candice Jones Peelman, Executive Director of Starfire explains their programs to attendees.

Margo Spence, President & CEO of First Step Home receiving their first check.

Paul Haffner, President and CEO of Lighthouse Youth & Family Services signing the grant agreement and receiving their first check.

Dawna Fogarty, Vice President for Family Services at Northern Kentucky Community Action receiving their first check.

Are You in for 2018? We Need You!!
Thank you for making a  Huge IMPACT   on our community

Many of you are currently members of Impact 100 - transforming lives in our community every day. We thank you and we hope you choose to join us again in 2018. We count on our devoted members to fund the grants we award each year. If you plan to continue your membership or become one of our newest members for 2018  - Please Join Today!! 
(All membership payments are due in full by 12/31/2017)
The Benefits of Joining Impact 100:
  • 100% of Your Donation Empowers Change in our community.  You donate $1000 and then get to see that donation at work locally, as the Nonprofit grantees undertake transformational projects to create an IMPACT in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky/Eastern Indiana community!
  • Your Vote Counts.   Every member is encouraged to vote for her favorite finalists at our Annual Awards Celebration every September, whether in person or by online ballot.
  • You Choose Your Level of Participation. Be a part of the grant review process, volunteer on a standing committee, enjoy Impact 100 events . . . OR be a silent member and just vote!  
  • You'll Meet Other Great, Like Minded Women; You'll Make New Friends.
  • You'll Have Fun!  Our members are thoughtful, smart women with a clear mission.  We are confident we can achieve our goals and enjoy some appetizers, a glass of wine or two, and a lot of laughter at our events.  So far, this theory (that we can mix business and pleasure) is fully proven!  
Also - Please consider becoming a SUSTAINING Member.
If you choose Sustaining Membership - you are letting us know that we can count on you to be an Impact 100 member each year - until you let us know you want to stop.  You can stop at any time. We hope you choose Sustaining - it helps us start each year knowing we have a solid level of support. Just email  administration@impact100.org to let us know.  

Contact  recruiting@impact100.org  for more information.

Still Have Questions about Impact 100?
Lets talk over coffee! 

Still curious about Impact 100?  Want to introduce a friend but in a quiet way? Join us for coffee at one of the following locations and an Impact 100 member will be glad to meet you and answer any questions you have about Impact 100.  

These events are open to anyone interested in learning about what it means to be a  member of Impact 100 in 2018, and how you can make an IMPACT in your community!  Feel free to email us at  recruiting@impact100.org  to let us know you'll be there.  We can't wait to see you!

December 4th
Awakenings Coffee, 9321 Montgomery Rd. 45242, 9 - 10am
December 6th Starbucks Downtown 401 Vine Street, 45202, 1 - 2:30pm
December 12th College Hill Coffee Shop, 6128 Hamilton Ave. #1, 45224, 8:30 - 9:30am
December 14th Red Tree Gallery, 3210 Madison Rd., Oakley, 45209, 9:30 - 10:30am
December 19th Coffee Please, 6930 Miami Ave., Madeira, 45243, 8 - 9am

Invite a Friend to Join Impact 100!
YOU, our members, are the best source for NEW members, and we need your help.  If we use this simple model of "EACH ONE, REACH ONE" we will easily be able to award more grants for transformational projects, which changes lives.  Feel free to copy/paste the message below to share with your friends and encourage them to join by 12/31/17:
Join me in making an IMPACT!  I am part of an energetic group of philanthropic women called Impact 100, which is committed to making a difference in our community.
Imagine being part of a group of women that directs a charitable donation of $100,000.   The Impact 100 model is simple and works like this:
  • Women join by making a $1,000 contribution to Impact 100.
  • These contributions are pooled with other members' contributions in order to create $100,000 grants.
  • Impact 100 invites eligible nonprofit organizations in the ten-county Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky/Eastern Indiana area to apply for a grant in one of five Focus Areas: Arts & Culture* Education* Environment*Family* Health & Wellness.
  • Impact 100 member volunteers participate in grant review training, then conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the grant proposals, and ultimately select finalists in each Focus Area.
  • The Impact 100 membership meets in September at The Annual Awards Celebration and listens to presentations from the finalists.  
  • Following the presentations, each member casts her vote for the winner of a $100,000 Grant, which is awarded that evening!
It's easy, it's efficient, and it's effective! Members choose the degree to which they'd like to be involved in Impact 100.  The only requirement is a $1,000 annual contribution (or a half member contribution of $500). However, we encourage member participation in any area from member development to the grant review process.  Regardless of your level of involvement, you will be a part of a group of women who are making an   IMPACT on the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky/Eastern Indiana community.
For more information, please visit our website: www.impact100.org or contact Impact 100 at info@impact100.org

Join a Focus Area Committee or Volunteer for 2018!
We'd love to have you join a committee or volunteer- - - if you'd like to! 
We have both standing (year-round) and seasonal
committees - so join us  and choose one that best meets your schedule and matches your interests. We have a variety of committees to choose from including Marketing, Membership & Recruiting, Event Planning, Focus Area Committees (FAC), and Financial Review. We also need volunteers for 'one and done' tasks and help at events. 
Our 2018 work has just begun:  Letters of Intent (LOI) are being created by our local Nonprofits, and the Membership & Recruiting Committee is hard at work finalizing our 2018 Membership.  
Grants are reviewed in two rounds: (1) Letter of Intent (January 29-February 23, 2018) and (2) Common Grant Application (March 26-April 20, 2018 followed by Site Visits through May).  The FAC meeting schedule and locations:
  • Education, Monday Evenings, 6:30-8:30 pm, Hyde Park
  • Family, Tuesday Evenings, 6:30-8:30 pm, Madisonville area
  • Environment, Preservation, & Recreation, Wednesday Mornings, 9:00-11:00 am, Price Hill
  • Health & Wellness, Thursday Evenings, 6:30-8:30 pm, Kenwood
  • Culture, Friday Mornings, 9:00-11:00 am, Kenwood
  • Community Investment Review Committee (CIRC), Tuesday Evenings, 6:30-8:30 pm, Evendale.  This committee first meets April 3
Click HERE to enroll directly on our Website.
If you are interested in joining a committee or volunteering - we'd love to have you!   You are welcome to sign up for any or all committees, let us know you'll help with a "One and Done" or volunteer in a specific area of expertise. The Impact 100 website is ready to record your preference for committee or volunteer participation  HERE.
Do you have any questions about Impact 100?  
Contact membership@impact100.org ,   anyone on the Board, or our office,   info@impact100.org  and we'll get you the answer! 
THANK YOU for helping us transform lives! 

2018 Grant Cycle is Open!

We want to remind our nonprofit community that the 2018 Impact 100 Grant Application process is underway! Please spread the word! The Letter of Intent is due Thursday December 7 at noon. Training materials are available on our website,  www.impact100.org and questions about applying can be sent to Sarah Buckley at  outreach@impact100.org

An Impact-ful Update!
Community Matters

Nikki Marksberry, Director of Institutional Advancement at  Community Matters (2014 Impact 100 Grant Recipient), was one woman in a packed house at Community Matters, WCPO, Women's Fund, and Impact 100's partner event called Women Work, focused on sharing research and the personal stories of issues facing women.  After the event, she was so impacted that she started following Community Matters closely - believing in the work they do - and was hired in her current role!  Nikki writes: 
Kimmi, the amazing woman we had as a panelist and WCPO interviewee [at Women Work], got a great new job because of that event. She now has health insurance for her and her daughter! She's making much closer to a self-sufficient wage, and she has been accepted into Habitat for Humanity's partnership housing program. Kimmi will be renovating her home in Lower Price Hill starting this spring. Here's the video for the WCPO story on Kimmi.

Community Matters proudly submitted their Final Report to Impact 100 in October. With your support through Impact 100, Community Matters' Washing Well has  met, and in many cases exceeded their goals.  They have served 426 families to date (almost doubling their initial goal), employed two residents, and provided access to over 6,000 affordable washes and dries. Washing Well also received the  Building Equitable Futures award from the Cincinnati Neighborhood Summit this year. 

Would you like to be connected to  Community   Matters  to continue following their progress?   Ple ase join their mailing list  HERE.  [They  promise to not bombard your inbox with emails; important updates and stories only].

In fact, are you interested in reconnecting with any of Impact 100's past grant recipients or inquiring about an update?  Email Clare and Cindy at  NPCoordinator@impact100.org to get connected and updated!

Crystal Presentations 
Impact 100 Crystal Awards were presented in November to 2017 Grant Recipients First Step Home and Lighthouse Youth & Family Services.  Thanks to our legal support through Pro Bono Partnership, the grant agreements detailing payout schedules and organizational deliverables over the next 1-3 years were ready for signatures and first grant installment payment at Giving Tuesday on November 28th. 

First Step Home
Stephanie Tunison -Focus Area Chair, Margo Spence -President & CEO of First Step Home, Rachel Lyon - Director of Development of First Step Home, Jeffery Hendricks - Chairman of the Board.
Lighthouse Youth & Family Services
Lisa O'Brien - Board President for Lighthouse Youth & Family Services and Impact 100 member, Paul Haffner - Executive Director Lighthouse Youth & Family Services,  Rhiannon Hoeweler - Education Committee Chair,  Dr. David Greenfield, Board Chair Lighthouse Community School

Comments from Rhiannon, a Focus Area Chair:
Personal perspective:  Seeing the faces of the people in our community, who sit on the board of Lighthouse Youth & Family Services, who will be utilizing the funds that Impact 100 provides, create positive change for our region has been one of the most exciting and heart-warming moments of my time on the board.  

Impact 100 Perspective:
Giving away $101,000 to our nonprofit partners, is the culmination of many months of review, analysis, and refinement reaching the ultimate goal of empowering women and dramatically improving lives and our community.
Calendar of Events - Save These Dates!
Mark Your Calendars for our 2018 Impact 100 Events:

January 23, 2018
Membership Announcement & New Member Welcome
April 12, 2018
Impact 100 Educational Event (EDU)
June 26, 2018
Meet the Finalists
September 13, 2018
Annual Awards Celebration 
October 25, 2018
Volunteer Appreciation Event
November 27, 2018
Giving Tuesday

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