February, 2016
President's Message

Donna Broderick
The month of February always brings much to look forward to. Valentine's Day produces a splash of pink and red throughout; the snow has recently melted and warmer weather is on its way with the promise of spring. Impact 100 also looks forward - to awarding FOUR GRANTS as witnessed by the smiles on the faces of its members; and Impact 100 Focus Area Committees are sprouting up around town to begin evaluating Letters of Intent. 
We are surely thankful for the events lying ahead as Impact 100 has announced that in 2016 we will award 4 grants of $101,500 each!!!  We are t hrilled to be able to award twice as many grants in one year as we were able to award each year for the first 10 years. This brings the total grant dollars we will have awarded to $3,655,000 in just 15 years!
On January 21st, Impact 100 got the New Year underway with an exciting and well-attended Membership Announcement Event and the news that we have $406,000 in grant monies to award in 2016. This is our highest total ever!  The organization has over 460 members this year - with 112 new members joining us for the first time.  Our loyal renewing members bring over 1,000 years of Impact 100 experience to the organization.  With this amazing foundation to build upon and an awesome group of new members with fresh ideas and wonderful energy, 2016 promises to be an exciting and transformational year!
There were 75 Letters of Intent (LOI) submitted - and the strength, creativity, diversity, and proposed IMPACT of the projects proposed are remarkable! The Focus Area Committees have begun meeting to evaluate these Letters of Intent submitted by nonprofit organizations seeking to be awarded one of our FOUR $101,500 grants. 
After carefully considering the Letters of Intent, each Focus Area Committee will select the most promising projects and the sponsoring organizations will be invited to submit a full Grant Application.  These Grant Applications are due in late March - and Focus Area Committees (FAC) will review and consider them between April and mid-June.  All members are welcome to join the Focus Area Committees for the grant review - you need not have participated in the LOI review to join for the Grant Application Review. CIRC (our financial review committee) will also be active during this time ensuring the viability of the organizations and their projects.
I am thankful for our members and all that you do! I look forward to seeing you at upcoming Impact 100 events in 2016!

All the best,
Donna Broderick
President, Impact 100

FOUR $101,500 Grants to be Awarded!


Your generosity and kindness continues to inspire and amaze 

the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Nonprofit Community.


On January 21st, we held our annual Membership Event, at   Mayerson JCC of Cincinnati, and announced that for 2016, we will be able to grant  $406,000 , to support FOUR  local nonprofits with  $101,500  each !! This is our biggest year yet! 



Get Involved with Impact 100 for 2016!
We'd love to have you volunteer and get involved on a committee if you'd like to!  
We have both standing (year-round) and seasonal committees - so join us and choose one that best meets your desire to help We have a variety of committees to choose from including Focus Area Committees (FAC), CIRC (Financial Review), Marketing, Communications, Membership and Recruiting. We also need volunteers for 'one and done' tasks and help at events. 

Our 2016 work has just begun:  Letters of Intent  (LOI)  from area Nonprofits  (NP)  are being reviewed to identify the strongest  candidates 
and invite them to apply for a Grant.  Grant Applications are then reviewed and site visits made to determine our finalists, who will vie for the grants awarded at the Annual Awards Celebration.
If you are interested in the Grant Review Committees, please note that specific meeting dates and frequency vary per committee. Grant Review Committees from April to May and CIRC from mid April through mid June. Please note you are welcome to sign up for any or all. Join us HERE.

Do you have any questions about Impact 100?  Contact your liaison, anyone on the Board or our office   info@impact100.org and we'll get you the answer! 

THANK YOU for helping us transform lives! 

It's All About Options!
Are you ready to renew or begin your Impact 100 Membership? We want to share with you our flexible payment options: installment payments, stock transfer and the benefits of being a Sustaining member.

Membership Payment by Installments: For many of us, it is easier to make smaller payments throughout the year rather than one lump sum around the holidays! Paying by installment is easy to set up and ensures that your membership payment is completed before year end. No need for reminders or invoices. Ten (10) monthly payments of $100 (that's about the cost of a latte per day) would complete your membership! Click here 
for more details. 
Membership Payment by Stock:  Paying by stock transfer may be foreign to you but is a great way to maximize your donation while reducing your taxes! If you donate stock that has appreciated (increased) in value you receive the itemized donation for the value of the stock but avoid the unrealized capital gains on the shares. (Please contact your tax advisor for further details). Click here  to read more.
Sustaining Membership:   Many of you have been loyal members of Impact for a number of years. We thank you and welcome our newest members! We count on our devoted members to enable us to give grants. If you plan to continue to be a member, choosing to be a Sustaining Member makes an ongoing commitment to Impact 100 and automatically recommits each year - which means less mail, and uninterrupted status as an Impact 100 Member.  To become a sustaining member notify Impact 100 at info@impact100.org or 513-554-3065. Of course, if your situation changes, you may cancel this at any time. 
Thank you for your support of Impact 100. If you have any questions about forms of payment you can contact us at finance@impact100.org.  Please remember, all payments towards your membership must be received by December 31st of 2016 to be a voting member in 2017.

Our Members Are Our Best Recruiters!
THANKS to our Members for helping us transform lives in our community by awarding four grants in 2015 for the first time! It may feel like this year has barely begun, yet we are already planning for 2017 so that we can continue to invest in our community through our $100,000+ grants.  YOU are our best referral source for new members!  Interested in co-hosting an Impact 100 Spread the Word (NKY, Westside, Central, East, North locations) with your friends and colleagues? We make it easy for you by providing a hosting kit!  It's never to early to start thinking of a Spring or Summer Spread the Word.
Email  recruiting@impact100.org and let us help you plan it!
Wondering how you can help award more grants?   Join our Membership/Recruiting Committee. Our first meeting is February 20th, Saturday 9:00-11:00AM, 5/3rd Bank, Madisonville.  Note: future meetings/work will held via conference call or online throughout the year.   Email 
membership@impact100.org  or  recruiting@impact100.org

Calling all Sponsors!
Seeking 2016-2017 Corporate Impact 100 Sponsors!    

One hundred percent  of Impact 100 member contributions are utilized to fund our grants each year. Consequently, Impact 100 relies on the generosity of our members, corporate partners, local foundations and event sponsors to underwrite our operating costs.
Impact 100 members are women interested in making our community a better place to work, live, and play.  Although we live in over 45 zip codes in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana; range in age from 18 to 87; and have diverse backgrounds and career choices . . . we are brought together by Impact 100's mission.  Our mission is  "To empower women to dramatically improve lives by collectively funding significant grants that make a lasting impact in our community. " For many companies, Impact 100 members represent their key target demographic. 

Our Impact 100 Member & Prospect list reaches 10,000+ women. Depending upon the sponsorship level, companies receive recognition on all member and prospect event emails and invitations, recognition at events throughout the year. In addition, they are featured on our  website and on Social Media platforms.  

While we are early in the process of securing sponsors (the cycle begins at the AAC on September 13, 2016 and culminates on September 1, 2017), it is never too soon to begin the dialogue. Feel free to contact Kelly Mahan at  kellymahan23@gmail.com if you are interested.

To view our different sponsor levels, click HERE.
To access our sponsorship form, click HERE. 

Celebrating the Successes of MYCincinnati!
Price Hill Will's MYCincinnati, a 2014 grant recipient , is a free youth orchestra program. Their goals with Impact 100's $109,000 grant were aggressive. Just one year into their 3-year grant installment plan they are meeting or surpassing almost every signal indicator proposed in their grant application.   

Funds thus far have been utilized to hire a full-time Operations Manager to create and implement the Pre-Orchestra Program (K-2nd Grade), and expand enrollment.
MYCincinnati had an initial goal of expanding programming hours from 10 hours a week to 20 hours per week by 2017. Two years ahead of schedule, MYCincinnati programming has already grown to 20 hours per week, meeting the goal of engaging 80 enrolled (grown from 50 students since 2014).
In 2015, MYCincinnati performed 34 concerts with 4,335 guests, far exceeding their goal of growing to 22 concerts and 2,200 guests!
In 2015, MYCincinnati engaged at least 12 collaborative events with community partners. Some of these partners include the Cincinnati Symphony, Cincinnati Opera, Contemporary Arts Center, Constella Festival, Cincinnati Museum Center, Clifton Cultural Arts Center, and the University of Cincinnati. This far exceeded their goal of growing to 5 collaborative events with community partners by 2017!

Impact in ACTION!  MYCincinnati!
Join Impact 100 in Visiting MYCincinnati; a 2014 Impact 100 Beneficiary on February 25th!  

Impact 100 will be visiting MYCincinnati on Thursday, February 25 at 4:30 p.m. to see MYCincinnati's new rehearsal space and observe Impact In Action.   

This is a dress rehearsal for the following Saturday's concert.
4:30 p.m. arrival for rehearsal observation
5:00 p.m.: mix with students during snack
5:15 p.m.: short performance for Impact 100.
Wrapped up no later than 6:00 p.m.
Address: 3120 Warsaw Ave. (corner of Warsaw and Considine). The entrance is on Considine Ave.

Please sign up with Nonprofit Coordinator, Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer by emailing  npcoordinator@impact100.org

Save the Date - Tuesday, March 15th
Impact Eduction Evening (EDU): A Snapshot of the Tri-State

Join fellow Impact 100 members and learn about the issues and opportunities that are affecting our Tri-State region. All Focus Areas will be represented (Culture, Health and Wellness, Family, Education, and Environment, Preservation, and Recreation) in a small group discussion forum. Keep an eye out for more information.
Dessert, coffee, and  wine will be served.

Social Venture Partners - Fast Pitch, March 2nd
Social Venture Partners (SVP) of Cincinnati is a global network of local partners connecting passion and purpose.  Using a hands-on approach, SVP combines the power of business with the passion of philanthropy. Partners bring their collective expertise, financial resources, professional skills, life experience, and creativity to work in partnership with area nonprofits and their leaders. SVP's goal is measurable results, more effective nonprofits and satisfied, engaged partners.
SVP is proud to sponsor it's third annual Fast Pitch on Wednesday March 2nd..  This engaged philanthropy competition is a technique borrowed from the venture capital and startup community. It is a way to showcase and accelerate nonprofits making a difference in our city! Nonprofits get training in telling effective, inspiring stories and then compete via a 3-minute pitch.  More information regarding Fast Pitch is HERE.

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