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February, 2018

President's Message
When we consider  what Impact 100 stands for and the 5 steps of our annual process,  it is amazing to think of the energy put forth by volunteers to make it happen!  That energy continues through the nonprofit Grant Recipients who execute lasting change in our community.  

So how does it work?  This is a simple way of explaining the Impact 100 process:

  Here are 5 "Need-To-Know" facts relating to each step:
  1. Annual Membership: $416,000 in grant funds will be awarded in 2018, thanks to the generosity of over 485 loyal members.  Just over 100 new members are joining for the first time!
  2. Focus Area Committees will  review the ~95 nonprofit funding requests (called Letters of Intent, or LOI's) this week through February.  While nearly one quarter of our membership has signed up to volunteer, it's never too late to jump in or share your volunteer interests! 
  3. Grant Finalists: E ach Grant Focus Area Committee will invite select applicants to submit a full Grant Application. After submission, the Focus Area Committees reconvene in late March,  the Community Investment Review Committee (CIRC) does a financial "deep dive" into applicants, members go on site visits, and Grant Finalists will be announced in June.
  4. Awarding Grants: Rest assured that there is incredible due diligence led by Impact members in determining Grant Finalists.  You will have an opportunity to LEARN and then VOTE to determine where 4 grants of $104,000 each will be awarded in September.
  5. Local Charities: 100% of your membership supports transformational and measurable nonprofit expansion, capital, technical assistance, or start-up initiatives.
Want to discuss the process more in depth?  Email me anytime at president@impact100.org.
Looking forward to seeing you at upcoming Impact 100 events!

Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer
Impact 100 President

Four Grants To Be Awarded in 2018!
Thank you Impact 100 Members for COLLECTIVELY funding a grant pool of $416,000!
This is a milestone year for Impact 100!  The largest membership since our inception.
On January 23rd, we held our Membership Announcement and New Member Event and announced we will be able to grant FOUR grants of $104,000 each.

3 Reasons You Want to Volunteer for Impact 100
Becky Scheeler, Impact 100 Board Secretary, shared a reflection at the Membership Announcement as to why you might consider getting involved on a deeper level with Impact 100.   Here's a snapshot:
  • Flexibility: "...there is a place for you."
  • Give: "We need diverse opinions and ideas on all committees."
  • Get: "Where else can you have fun and learn without any pressure?"

Note: we do restart committee sign-ups each year.

Focus Area Committees have started this week but you can still join! There are also a few other standing committees that may interest you. Check out the complete list and sign up HERE!
If you have a question about getting involved, please contact  membership@impact100.org.

Young Professional Spread the Word
Did you know we have a Young Philanthropist Scholarship Program?  We would love your help recruiting potential Young Philanthropists!
The Membership & Recruiting Committee will be hosting a Young Professional Spread the Word  informational event on March 1st from 6-8pm in Oakley. If you know someone who might be interested, please send details to membership@impact100.org  so that we can send them a personal invitation.  All are welcome!

Young Philanthropists Program: Share & Apply Today
Applications are now open  for the Young Philanthropist S cholarship Program class  of 2019

This program, made available through the generosity of donors, is  a means for encouraging  younger members of our community to experience women's collective giving.
It specifically  targets those individuals with an interest in philanthropy that would initially struggle to fund a  new membership on their own but feel capable of doing so in 4 years.

Applications will be accepted through April 6, 2018.
Four individuals will be chosen for 2019 membership by May 2018.
For more information contact Lindsey Huhn at  youngphilanthropist@impact100.org

Membership Installment P ayments are an Option!
Monthly installments are a great way to budget for your Impact 100 membership dues. We encourage anyone interested in this option to start your 2019 membership now!
  • Making installment (or recurring) payments of $100/month starting in February will ensure you are a full member by year end (the membership deadline is 12/31 each year).
  • Making recurring payments of $250/quarter starting in April will also do the same!

You are Invited: Impact in Action
Center for Respite Care and St. Francis Seraph Ministries were 2016 Impact 100 Grant Recipients.  Impact 100's capital improvement investment supported the expanded food services for guests experiencing homelessness and those in respite care. See more about our Impact here!   The time has come to celebrate  Center for Respite Care's Relocation Celebration. 

Mission Moment: Freestore Foodbank
Our 2015 Grant Recipient, Freestore Foodbank (FSFB), submitted their final report to Impact 100. Here is a quick summary.
  • Expansion: FSFB was able to secure Produce Perks, ensuring a 1:1 match for Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) users, which still continues today. FSFB Healthy Harvest Mobile Market is now in 11 locations with a focus on food deserts.
  • FSFB moved from 27% SNAP purchases last year to 32% at the end of the quarter in 2017.  They also partnered with Cooking for the Family (a St. Francis Seraph Ministries program) to conduct cooking classes for 24 Walnut Hills and City Heights residents with plans to continue.
  • Partnership & Sustainability: Tri-Health committed to supporting the majority of operating costs for three years.
  • Nearly 6,750 transactions for healthy food since opening: serving 250 families/week at 11 food insecure locations throughout Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati!

Mission Moment: St. Anthony Center
Chris Schuermann - Executive Director at 2016 Grant Recipient, St. Francis Seraph Ministries, shared an update on the new St. Anthony Center.
The new Mother Teresa of Calcutta Dining Room opened for breakfast on January 3rd and 88 guests were fed.  Many of whom were standing at our door in the frigid temperatures at 6:30 am. Over 140 guests were served for dinner.  
The overwhelming response to our new facility has been high praise and sheer joy.  Our clients have expressed their appreciation, gratitude and many have said they cannot believe anyone would create such a nice place for the poor. They really like how the space is designed to accommodate their needs.  Many have expressed appreciation for the security measures, the lockers, the nice bathrooms and the hot coffee offered at breakfast and dinner. When I offered a man a second cup of coffee yesterday at breakfast, he grabbed my hand and with tears in his eyes told me no one ever poured him a cup of coffee before. This morning our guests could not believe we offered  them toasted bagels with cream cheese!

Members in the News
Jenny Berg

The 2018 "Women of Distinction" have been announced! Impact 100's own Jenny Berg, former Impact 100 President and current board member is one of them!  The Women of Distinction program honors exceptional women who have made significant contributions in key areas and are transforming leadership roles as women. She will be honored for Financial Empowerment.

Women of Distinction highlights the advancements of awe-inspiring women and celebrates women in the workplace, who serve as role models and empower the girls we serve in Cincinnati. This year's honorees join more than 130 accomplished women who inspire girls to find their voices through the Girl Scouts," said Roni Luckenbill, CEO for Girl Scouts of Western Ohio.

If you know of any Impact members in the news, even yourself, please let us know! 

Member Spotlight
Leanne Matthews

Who am I?
I am a Cincinnati native. My husband and I live in Loveland.   We are proud parents of two children ages 19 & 21 and one spoiled golden retriever.   I am an active parishioner and volunteer at St. Margaret of York parish.   My father started our family business Neal's Design Remodel over 45 years where I am the Marketing Director.

What made me want to join Impact 100?
I was looking for a way to give back here in my home town Cincinnati so I joined Impact 100 in 2009.  It has been beautiful to witness the changes with Impact 100 over the  past # years .   The number of grants keep increasing and the increase in number of memberships are making it possible for me not only to help my community but also meet some of the most amazing women.   

What keeps me a member?
There are so many reasons why I continue to renew my membership. Here are a few:
  • When I first joined I had more time in my schedule and I was involved with the committees and loved meeting some amazing women and learning about local nonprofits, reviewing grants, voting and to seeing our dollars make a difference in my city! The level of flexibility with my membership is attractive so I can be more/less active depending on my schedule. 
  • In recent years I have admired seeing some younger members take on some of the leadership roles and seeing the overall increase in membership that has increased the number of grants. 
  • Over the years while spreading the word about Impact 100 to friends, coworkers & clients it became apparent that they were also passionate about the same non profits that I learned about at Impact 100. Together we have sponsored fundraising events in our client's homes and at Neal's showroom to continue to help some past grant recipients.   
An Example: Dress for Success (DFS)
  • Partnered with client and had private fundraising event in their home and raised funds for the big DFS fashion show.
  • At our annual client day Neal's clients bring donations of accessories for the DFS suiting room. 
  • Last year we had our carpenters rebuild the shoe shelving in the suiting area at DFS located downtown Cincinnati and this year we are renovating the display & dressing room areas there.
Impact makes it possible to help not only the grant recipients but we get to hear the needs of the non-recipients and help where we can.

I look forward to renewing my membership each year and try and to attend as many of the Impact 100 events as I can. It's an opportunity for me to bring a girlfriend and get out of the burbs and check out new and different establishments in our beautiful city.

Securing the Future Conference with Dr. Bob Johansen
"Foresight - Insight - Action: Thriving in a Disruptive World"

He goes beyond skills and competencies....
  • What external future forces are most likely to disrupt nonprofits--looking ten years ahead?
  • What are the new models for organizing to thrive in a future where anything that can be distributed will be distributed? 
Bob Johansen, is author of THE NEW LEADERSHIP LITERACIES, as well as many other books. The Institute for the Future in Silicon Valley, is one of the few futures think tanks in the world to outlive its forecasts--with remarkable accuracy, and Bob is a distinguished fellow at Institute for the Future. 

The Securing the Future Conference,  Foresight - Insight - Action: Thriving in a Disruptive Worldhosted by Leadership Council for Nonprofits is not an Impact 100 sponsored event.   Impact 100 is sharing this opportunity in efforts to be a good steward of nonprofit development opportunities in our region.
2018 Calendar of Events - Save These Dates!
Mark Your Calendars for the Following Upcoming Events:

Jan. 29 - Feb. 23

Focus Area Committees review Letters of Intent (LOI's)
March 1

Young Professional Spread the Word - Oakley membership@impact100.org
March 26 - May 11
Focus Area Committee review Common Grants & Site Visits
April 12
Educational Event
June 26
Meet the Finalists - Carnegie Hall at Newport 6pm - 8:30pm
September 13
Annual Awards Celebration - Music Hall 5:30pm - 9:00pm
October 25
Volunteer Appreciation
November 27
Giving Tuesday - Performance Lexus RiverCenter 6pm - 8:30pm

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