June, 2017
President's Message
Donna Broderick
"You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more  amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand". Woodrow Wilson 

As we move into summer, I would like to extend my congratulations to all Impact 100 members who have celebrated a graduation recently as well as those who have had a son, daughter or grandchild graduate. As they now venture out into the world may their achievements enrich the world in addition to themselves.
The Grant review process is almost complete for 2017! Focus Area Committees have completed their site visits, chosen the finalists for their focus areas and passed these along to CIRC (Community Investment Review Committee) to verify their viability. We are grateful to all committee members who have donated their time to discern the strongest programs/projects. We look forward to presenting the finalists at our Meet the Finalists event on June 27th at Hotel Covington! Don't forget to register yourself and invite a friend/colleague to introduce them to Impact 100.
Impact 100 was proud to partner with The Women's Fund, Community Matters and WCPO for the May 11 Women Work: Making Communities Better Together event. The sold out crowd at Community Matters heard important research on the wage gap of women in the workplace as well as a personal testimony of one woman and her struggles in this area.
Your passion for Impact 100 is contagious! When you share your excitement and enthusiasm for Impact with friends/family over coffee or by bringing them to an Impact 100 event you are helping Impact 100 transform more lives. We have already begun recruiting for the 2018 season and YOUR help is important to continue investing in the community. We are grateful to you for sharing this opportunity with those you know.
We hope to see you on June 27th - when we meet our 2017 Grant Finalists, four of whom will be awarded one of our $101,000 grants!
Have a wonderful summer - filled with hope and vision, as well as time to just sit back and relax!
All the best,
Donna Broderick
President, Impact 100

Welcome our Young Philanthropists for 2018!

Gabrielle Calderone Brianna Reising
Reagan Smith
Kelsey Wabler

This year, Impact 100 Cincinnati is excited to announce four new members to our Young Philanthropist (YP) Program, Class of 2018.  This program enables young women to join Impact 100 through a scholarship program, allowing them to contribute a portion of the money toward their half membership.  The remainder is covered through generous donations of individuals, as well as through the support of the Impact 100 Council and the Morgridge Family Foundation.

This program was initiated with the class of 2015 and continues to expand Impact 100's reach and involvement in the community. Thank you to our Impact 100 YP Class Review Committee who spent time reading each of the qualified applications and recommendations: Laura Menge, Stephanie Kaplan, Kate Burroughs, Sandy Greenwald, Kristin Sweeney,  Liz Abel, Phyllis Bossin, and Lindsey Huhn (YP Program Liaison).

Please join us is welcoming our Impact 100 YP Class of 2018 and make sure to introduce yourself to them at the next event!

To understand more about this program, or support through donations, please  visit our website!

*These four are joining existing YP Members: Ali Cantor, Caitlin Lennon, Shannon Yung, Laura Van Houten, Kelly Crow, Kara Shibiya, Leanne Blair, Sarah Siegrist, and Kaitlyn Grote.
Laura Menge and Lindsey Huhn are both program graduates.

Creating an IMPACT in our Community Together  
Please join the Impact Board of Directors
as we announce our

Tuesday, June 27th, 5:30pm - 8:00pm

Hotel Covington
683 Madison Avenue, Covington KY 41011

It's finally time to meet our 2017 Nonprofit Grant Finalists! Please join us for what is sure to  be an exciting and uplifting evening as we learn about some of the incredible and  inspiring programs and projects our nonprofit community is planning for our region. 

Cost is $10 and includes one drink ticket, hors d'oeuvres and a 25% off coupon from  Richter & Phillips , our 2016/2017 BIG IMPACT Sponsor!! 

Attendees can also enter for a chance to win a piece of jewelry courtesy of Richter &  Phillips, so invite a friend and come celebrate our 2017 Nonprofit Finalists!! 

We are awarding FOUR grants in 2017!
The process is thorough, the results are worthy!

Creating an IMPACT in our Community Together.
INVITE a FRIEND and Celebrate with our 2017 Finalists!

Free Guest Ticket to the Annual Awards Celebration!
We hope that you are having a wonderful Impact 100 experience, and hope that you want to renew your membership for 2018.

If you would like to become a 2018 Impact 100 member -  we have a GREAT DEAL for you!
Renew and pay in full for your 2018 Membership by June 27 th* - and you'll receive a FREE  Guest ticket to the Annual Awards Celebration.  You can use the ticket to invite a friend to the event - and they can experience firsthand what Impact 100 is all about. You can pay online HERE or by mail (Impact 100, 4010 Executive Park Drive, Suite 100, Cincinnati, OH 45241).

In order to make your Membership Renewal REALLY EASY, you can bring your check or credit card to the "Meet the Finalists" Event on June 27 th.  We'll process your membership, and you won't have to think about it again.
No e-mail reminders
No snail mail invoices
No trying to remember if you sent in your check 
No phone call reminders
. . . And a FREE GUEST Ticket to the Annual Awards Celebration for a friend.

We're looking forward to seeing you at the Meet the Finalists Event on June 27 th . . .   and hope to see you at the Membership Renewal Table.

If you can't make it to the event, you can also renew via our website or mail in your membership check.  (*Payment must be made by 11:59 PM EST)
The Impact 100 Membership & Recruiting Team

Impact 100 Board Nominations 
Summer is just about upon us and Impact 100 is in high gear. Focus Area Committees have completed their site visits and are meeting to choose the finalists.  Recruiting and Membership are engaging current and future members.  Communications and Marketing are keeping members and Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky informed.  

The Nominating Committee has completed all but a couple of the 2017 board member interviews. Next steps will be to collate the data, determine how many members will be staying in place for 2018, identify anticipated openings for the 2018 board & begin candidate interviews for the open positions.

If you have an interest in becoming more involved in Impact 100 and would like to explore what a board position entails, please contact us at nominating@impact100.org .

Member Spotlight!
Mary Beth O'Gorman

Who am I?
My name is Mary Beth O'Gorman and I've been a member of Impact 100 for five years.  I'm a business analyst, which means I focus on creating efficient processes and finding the best way to do something.  I am also passionate about helping people and making a difference in their lives.

What made me want to join Impact 100?
I worked with Lisa Kaminski, a very active member of Impact 100.  Her enthusiasm for the organization was captivating.  She invited me to several events, where I heard past award recipients speak about how they were using Impact's money to make a difference.  Then she invited me to the awards night ceremony where I got to hear the incredibly compelling speeches of the candidates and understand the process by which they were selected.  I was hooked!  Making that much of a difference and doing it in a way that made sense to me means it was a no-brainer - I had to join.

What keeps me a member of Impact?
I love being part of a group of like-minded women I can meet, share experiences with, and make a large scale difference with.

I love being part of the Health and Wellness committee, which determines the most qualified candidates from our focus area to submit to the whole organization to vote on. 

I also love being a mentor to new Impact 100 members.  I hope to convey my passion for the organization to them, invite them to be active in any way they choose, and answer any questions they may have.

Volunteer with a Current Grant Recipient!
Are you looking for a summer volunteer opportunity - one you can even do with your kids?  St. Francis Seraph Ministries, one of our 2016 grant recipients, is looking for up to 12 people to help with "serving" in their soup kitchen.

Available dates are Friday, June 23rd and Friday, July 21st.
Time commitment is 4:15-5:45pm
Please email Kim Carroll,  kimkcarroll@juno.com if you are interested in helping with either or both. We'd love to have you join us.

Spread the Word Events 
Has your Impact 100 experience changed how you've engaged with the com munity?  Do you  want to share that experience with other women? We can make this happen! If you are willing to invite friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. to gather at your home/office/community center etc. , we can help share the Impact 100 story, the impact of the grants, and the beauty of women together, changing lives.  Just contact  recruiting@impact100.org   and we can easily help you coordinate.  You pick a date, we'll bring a nonprofit recipient to share the "impact of Impact", we'll send out the invitation, help you plan, etc. 

For more information and to register for the June 22nd Spread there Word event in the Mt. Lookout/Hyde Park area, click   HERE.

For questions, email  recruiting@impact100.org .  

We get to do some pretty cool stuff!!
Calendar of Events - Save These Dates!
Mark Your Calendars for the Following Upcoming Events:

Ongoing Spread the Word Events, contact recruiting@impact100.org
June 22nd Spread the Word - Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout area
June 27th Meet the Finalists
September 12th Annual Awards Celebration
October 24th Volunteer Appreciation Event
November 28th Giving Tuesday

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