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March, 2018

President's Message: You're Not Too Late To Get Involved
In the last month, Impact 100 members have been busy with strategic planning at an annual Board Retreat, ensuring continued fiscal responsibility through the Finance Committee, revising  the New Member Liaison Program, and reviewing Focus Area Committee Letters of Intent from the nonprofit community.  Volunteers are planning the annual Educational (EDU) Event on April 12 as well as inviting members to become more involved, should you choose!

Short on time today?  Check out (& share!) this short explainer video on the current status of the Impact 100 grant review process and how you can help. 

Since the Grant Focus Area Committees have reviewed and narrowed the field of nonprofit applicants in January & February, the nonprofits were invited to submit a full Grant Application this week.  The Focus Area Committees are now in recess while the invited agencies prepare their Grant Applications.

As noted in the video, this next step of our Grant Review Process provides all members with an excellent opportunity to join a Grant Focus Area Committee.  When the committees resume work in late March, they will begin with team building and welcome new and seasoned members.  If you are interested in your voice being heard, review & select a committee at   www.impact100.org/volunteer.  Various days and times are available.

This year, each Focus Area will select up to two grant proposals to present to the Board.  A Finalist Selection Committee will select 6-7 Finalists from these proposals, to be announced to the community in June. The Finalists will present their proposals at the Annual Awards Celebration in September for one of our 4 grant recipients.

Looking forward to seeing you at a Focus Area Committee or at the April 12 EDU Event!
Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer
Impact 100 President

Interested in Engaging & Recruiting Members to Impact?
Do you like to make people feel welcome, engaged and special? Do you love sharing your passion for Impact 100? Then join the Membership and Recruiting Committee!

Our first committee meeting will be Saturday, March 10th from 9:30-11:30a. Email membership@impact100.org for agenda and details.

We hope to see you there!

Young Philanthropists Program: Share & Apply Today
Applications are now open  for the
Young Philanthropist S cholarship Program Class  of 2019

This program, made available through the generosity of donors, is  a means for encouraging  younger members of our community to experience women's collective giving.
It specifically  targets those individuals with an interest in philanthropy that would initially struggle to fund a  new membership on their own but feel capable of doing so in 4 years.

Applications will be accepted through April 6, 2018.
Four individuals will be chosen for 2019 membership by May 2018.
For more information contact Lindsey Huhn at  youngphilanthropist@impact100.org

Mission Moment: Greater Cincinnati Construction Foundation

Goal: Increasing access to and participation in hands-on career experiences for students in grades 10-12 through a formal State of Ohio approved pre-apprenticeship program - According to the State of Ohio Apprenticeship Department Woodward is 85% of the way to receiving approval. 

  • 300+ students involved:
    • 7th Grade Pre-Algebra class will use carpentry skills to construct a bench.
    • 8th Grade Algebra class use pipe-fitting skills to construct a hydroponic garden.
    • 9th Grade Algebra class will use skills from both carpentry and electrical trades 
    • to build a circuit, then measure currents to determine the efficiency of light bulbs.
  • Because of their hands-on learning and success, an unexpected challenge is the number of students now looking to Woodward's Building Industry cluster. As the 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students currently participating in the program progress, Woodward will need to plan for an estimated 20% increase of student interest.
Before this project, 7th grader, Jeremiah R. was well known for his self-defeated approach to schoolwork and acted out repeated throughout the school day. However, during the program he was engaged and focused daily; when asked to write a reflection on the project afterward his input included, "Yes, I liked the project because I never really worked on wood, never did a project like that. I never felt that smart." Jeremiah continues to reach out to the construction math staff daily at school, making sure to say, "Hi." in passing and asks about the next project he will be able to participate in.

Mission Moment: MyCincinnati
Goal:  Expand the capacity of the program by doubling hours of operation and expanding the ages of children served through its classical music programs.   
  • Promoted the part-time Program Director to full time and hired additional teaching artists.
  • Expanded daily programming hours from 10 per week in 2014 to the current 25 hours per week!
  • Over the three years of the grant agreement, created four programs targeted toward older students: The Ambassador Ensemble Program, The Youth Apprentice Program, The MYCincinnati Citizen Artist Fellowship and The MYCincinnati Student Council (formed by inaugural Citizen Artist Fellow!)     
  • 79 concerts were held over the grant period exceeding the goal of 63.  Over 11,000 attended the concerts over the grant period far exceeding the goal of 6000. Collaborated with 26 community partners for events during the grant period exceeding the goal of 14 events.   
  • Current student retention rate is 92% exceeding the goal of 90% and daily attendance rate is 77%, exceeding the goal of 75%.
  • Currently 110 students are enrolled up from 50 in 2014 and exceeding the goal of 80. 10 students are on the waitlist exceeding goal of 3 by year 3.  
  • Currently engaging 30 weekly volunteers, a 300% increase during the grant agreement period!

Member Spotlight
Lindsey Huhn
Lindsey Huhn

Who am I?
I have been an Impact 100 member for 4 years. I have a huge passion for helping others and I am able to fill this need by volunteering with Impact 100 as the Young Philanthropist  liaison, Cincinnati United Youth Council in Westwood, and volunteering at my church. I have two nephews and two nieces that claim all of my free time outside of work and serving others. I mentor a high school student from Dater High School which allows me to stay connected to the younger generations. I attend church at Crossroads Westside where I have been a part of their Undivided, small groups, and First Impressions groups.
What made me want to join Impact 100?
Philanthropy has always been a huge passion of mine since high school, so when my mom told me about this non-profit in Cincinnati called Impact 100 I was intrigued. I was invited to "meet the finalist" event where I was completely blown away by the process. I loved the idea of collectively giving because as a young professional I could give a much bigger donation than if I were to give individually on my own. I applied for the Young Philanthropist  scholarship program and was accepting into Impact 100 in 2015.
What keeps me a member of Impact 100?
This is easy. THE WOMEN! I am positive that we have some of the greatest women in Cincinnati, that truly enjoy volunteering most of their time with Impact 100. Not only do they help raise money and awareness for non-profits in the tristate, but they also do an amazing job with building each other up. You can't leave an Impact 100 event without feeling like you can change the world, I'm just sure of that. I also really love that all of the money donated 100% goes to the non-profits and the money also stays locally in the tristate area so that you can really see the benefit of your donation. It has also been a great opportunity for me to meet other women in my industry that are leading the way. I am truly thankful for all of the relationships I have made along the way.  

The Young Philanthropist program helps me bridge the gap from not knowing how to get involved to committing my time and energy to several different committees within impact 100. It also helped me meet other adults around my age that are in impact 100. Impact 100 has a lot to offer not only for its members but the community as well and sometimes that can feel overwhelming, but with this program it makes everything feel obtainable. I had such success with this program that when I graduated I instantly wanted to be the liaison for other women.

Lindsey serves as the Impact 100 Young Philanthropist Liaison as part of the Membership & Recruiting team with Impact 100. 

Social Venture Partners - Fast Pitch!
Cincinnati Ballet
SVP Cincinnati's 5th Annual Fast Pitch

March 7, 2018
Duke Energy Convention Center
5:30 Doors Open and Dinner Served
6:30 Event Begins

SVP Cincinnati's Fast Pitch is back bigger and better than ever. This is good fun for good causes. They bring 11 worthy nonprofits together t o make three-minute presentations about the work they do, all under the banner of "Innovation that Matters." Prize money totaling over $30,000 will be given to winners across several categories. As one of last year's attendees summed it up, "I can't think of a better way to enjoy an evening with friends and support innovative nonprofits at the same time. We really took pleasure in seeing the great work happening in our city."

SVP's "Fast Pitch"  is not an Impact 100 sponsored event. Impact 100 is sharing this opportunity in efforts to be a good steward of nonprofit events & opportunities in our region.
2018 Calendar of Events - Save These Dates!
Mark Your Calendars for the Following Upcoming Events:

March 1

Young Professional Spread the Word - Oakley membership@impact100.org
March 26 - May 11
Focus Area Committee review Common Grants & Site Visits
April 12
Educational Event
June 26
Meet the Finalists - Carnegie Hall at Newport 6pm - 8:30pm
September 13
Annual Awards Celebration - Music Hall 5:30pm - 9:00pm
October 25
Volunteer Appreciation
November 27
Giving Tuesday - Performance Lexus RiverCenter 6pm - 8:30pm

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