Jesus. Family. Mission.
by Nathan Evans
We got all our leaders together to celebrate Christmas and the end of a great semester!

How does one begin to describe a semester where years of discipleship, vision, and prayer came together in a Spirit-inspired 4 months of life change and growth?  At the beginning of the summer I stepped into my new role as team leader with 2 new staff and 17 student leaders (8 of whom were new).  There seemed to be unlimited possibilities before us, yet a lot of uncertainty as so many of us were embracing new roles.  

Today I can humbly say that God has used each of us to move the mission of Impact Charlotte forward this semester.  We have experienced numerical growth in every area of the ministry, but infinitely more important is that we have grown in faith, hope, and love for God, one another, and this campus.  We have seen baptisms, new commitments to Christ, and the restoration of friendships.  We have experienced people far from God begin to walk in step with Him and see hardened hearts melt in response to the love of Christ.  We have been able to step into moments of racial division on our campus to speak and demonstrate the transformational power of Christ to our broken world.

I can say confidently that God has brought each of us to Impact in order to respond to the places and people He is moving within.  Where are we going next semester?  I can confidently say I have no idea!  I know what events we have planned, what our Villages and Huddles will look like, and that we'll have a spring retreat, and serve in Mexico over spring break.  But where and how will God move in and through our community?  I have no idea and I cannot wait to let you know when I find out!

Family on Mission
by Chris Baron

Villages are where family and mission collide. We have been striving to be at a place where our student leaders are able to lead and drive villages on their own, and I believe we are closer than ever. Since the beginning of the semester I have been empowering our student leaders to take ownership of their villages. Now, there are around 70 students who call 1 of our 4 villages family.

It is in these families that we begin to impact the campus. We have had all of our villages participate in being a blessing on campus in many ways. Whether it is reverse trick or treating, community thanksgiving meals or even trash rushes. Trash rush, is where a village goes to a dorm, knocks on a dorms and asks to take out trash and prayer requests. Our villages have been going outside their comfort zones in order to invite others into their family. It's been a real joy to hear countless of stories of how students are invited into family which leads them to connecting to God. 

We have never had this many students involved in villages before, and I truly believe it is because our student leaders believe they are equipped by the Holy Spirit to bring the gospel to their campus. It does not just stop at creating family, we also want to connect this campus to God. Through our villages, we have seen countless huddles form. Our villages are eager to reach all parts of campus whether it is dancers to engineers, our students are inviting and sharing Jesus with those who don't know Him. 

Hearing God in Huddles
by Tyler Corn

For the past 3 years Impact has been doing Huddles, and this year the responsibility of guiding the student leaders in starting their own was given to me. Even though I was stepping into unknown territory, I knew that God had put a simple framework in my heart. Huddles are an opportunity for students to create conversation around scripture and and their relationship with God. It is a safe space to ask tough questions and to share personal struggles with those who you are walking through life with. I knew that I had been given this role because of my passion to create meaningful conversations around life and scripture.

To help the student leaders lead their peers more effectively and simply, I met with them every other week in what we call Pods. These groups are a mixture of leaders from different huddles who can learn from each others experiences and talk through questions and problems that they might have. It was also an opportunity to read scripture together and pray for one another as we are all learning how to live as a family.

There are countless stories of God moving through Huddles this semester because of the genuine relationships that He has forged. One of our leaders, Erin, uses Huddle as an opportunity to equip others to share the Gospel. Because of her obedience, new relationships are being created and more Huddles are being formed. Another Huddle, led by Kait, has created a space for important faith defining questions to be asked. These discussions are crucial for students who are beginning to understand that their identity comes from the simple message of the Gospel. 

Please pray for the student leaders as they continue to love and work with the peers around them. Pray that they'll have the confidence of being equipped and called by God to lead not only their Huddles, but their circles of influence.

Will you give an end of the year gift? 
We are excited and full of expectation heading into 2nd semester! God has done so much within us and through us so far this year and we do not anticipate Him slowing down. We have a few special financial needs heading into the Spring Semester. 

Will you give a one-time gift today?

Spring 2017 Financial Needs

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Total Need - $1,450

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Faith in Action
by Madi Hartness

Ephesians 3:30 says,  "Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us."   As I take a step back and reflect on this semester, I stand in awe at how God has moved in my own heart and in the hearts of the girls in my Huddle.  The Lord truly did immeasurably more than I could have ever imagined in five short months.  I have new, blooming friendships I feel sure will last a lifetime.  Through this verse, I am also reminded that God's power is at work within me.  I don't have to do and say all the right things to find affirmation in the eyes of God; I just have to continue relentlessly pursuing Him. 

Impact has played an integral role in my college experience thus far.  The community with which I am surrounded has shaped who I am.  The countless Huddles and honest conversations have pointed me to Christ time and time again.  I want others to see the love of Jesus through Impact as much as I have.  As a leader this semester, I have been able to connect with dozens of my peers by joining them in day-to-day activities, countless meals, weekend trips, coffee dates, life struggles, and so much more.  My current huddle of six girls-ranging in age and major-has effortlessly fallen into place, and I can't wait to watch each girl's personal relationship with Jesus grow as we grow together in friendship.

The Team 
Team Leader
Chris Baron
Executive Staff
Tyler Corn
Executive Staff
There are not words to express how grateful we are for your partnership. We could not do what we do without you standing with us. You are our cloud of witnesses! We are blessed to call you friends and family.

 :: Grace & Peace ::

The Impact Family