New seasons bring exciting changes!
This has been a year of transition and growth for the Impact Community.  In the midst of change and new faces in the staff we have also had the honor of training our largest group of students leaders since 2011.  Getting 3 staff and 17 leaders in the same room at the same time is difficult enough, to say nothing of getting us all on the same page in vision and passion for our campus.  As a staff it has been astounding to see the way God has used these students to reach their peers on campus at UNC Charlotte.  

We have 5 Villages reaching students from every part of campus - Engineering, Teachers, Dancers, Business & Accounting, and everywhere in between.  These Villages have between 12 and 30 students in each of them and are engaging students in all stages of faith in community, service, and what it means to have a living Christian faith.  

All of our 17 leaders and 3 non-leaders are currently leading Huddles - small group discipleship - with sixty students in those 20 Huddles already this semester.  Watching and hearing stories of God revealing himself in these times together through scripture and prayer are extremely humbling.  

Beyond anything else we as a staff are thankful for the way the Holy Spirit has brought hope and passion to our community this year.  Mending the hearts of the broken, delivering peace to chaotic lives, showering in grace those who were living far from him, and providing friendship and love for the lonely and outcast.  This is the heartbeat of Christ and we are in awe of how His promises are weaving themselves through Impact Charlotte this semester.  

Students on Mission
Below are some reflections from a few of our student leaders highlighting how God has moved in and through them this semester!  

Rachael Gaskin :: Junior  
Huddles reveal the heart of Christ
            This year is my second as a leader in this place, this wonderful place. This church is the community that, as a freshman, I truly began to dive into what a relationship with God looked like. These people are the people that encouraged me and walked alongside me as I discovered how much God really loved me. This place has not only loved me, it has shown me God's love and heart for his children - for every single one of his children. This year has been difficult at times, it has brought with it new challenges and new dynamics to get used to, but through it all God has been so present. Huddle has always been my favorite, there it is I admitted it, but it is a place for us to be vulnerable and real with each other. Huddle creates a space for us to get to know God's children in a much more intimate way. I have the great privilege of being involved in two huddles; both of which bring so much joy into my life. Sitting across the table from someone as they tell you their story, as they ask you difficult questions, as they cry, as they laugh and as you read scripture together - it is truly something beautiful. The relationships that are being built here are not only impacting those across the table from us and ourselves, but they are impacting our campus, our city, our state and our world. Impact is inspiring an entire group of students to go out into their world and walk alongside those around them; whatever walk of life they are in - and that is such a blessing to witness. 

Wendall Horton :: Senior
Huddles Change Lives
This semester marked the beginning of my senior year and has presented unique challenges in my life. Growing up, my family moved every three years to a new location, so I developed a habit of disconnecting from people during the last year of living somewhere. With that, the beginning of this semester was extremely difficult. I was struggling to maintain my friendships and form new ones. As a leader in a village, my biggest doubt was "How can I build relationships with freshmen knowing that I'm leaving in nine months?" Initially, I limited my interactions to villages and the gathering. But a couple of weeks ago, God spoke into my life. He reminded me to be present, intentional, and vulnerable. In huddles, I might not be with these students for the next three years, but the time I spend doing life with freshmen this year WILL have a lasting effect on their future. I have found beauty in the idea of a senior, with years of experience about to embark on a new adventure, taking the time to hit pause on their commitments to pour into a freshman, who is new to college and seeking direction. This is the power of God's love working through the people of his Church to create disciples for today and tomorrow.

Christian Primm :: Senior 
Village is Family on Mission 
Village is a place for family.  This year, we have five of these families which allows for individuality and complexity within the larger family of Impact.  This individuality comes from the leaders who work together using their strengths to create an atmosphere of inclusion.  In the village that I am helping to co-lead this year, I have been blown away by the mix of old faces, new ones, and how they have bonded and created friendships together.  The village Facebook thread that we have is constantly updated with people counting down the days to village day, waiting until we all get together again.  This type of family is what we Impact leaders live for.  We get to show the people in our village Jesus's love which is the catalyst for authentic relationships with the people and God. 

8th Annual 49,000 Water Balloon Fight
This past August we had our 8th Annual 49,000 Water Balloon Fight.  Thanks to our 17 student leaders and dozens of other Impact students and their friends we filled that balloons in a record 25 hours!  The Balloon fight had over 2,000 students and lasted only 7 minutes.  It was a a great time!  Thanks to KAOS Balloons, Stateline Christian Church, and Gateway Church for the donations that made this event possible once again!

Fall Retreat 16
October 21-23 we had our annual fall retreat.  We had a great group go this year with 53 students attending. Our theme for the weekend was 'Better Together' and we focused on how our faith is best lived out within the Church and alongside community.

The highlight of the weekend happened on Sunday morning as we baptized 4 members of Impact - Eddie, David, Sydney, and Hunter - and were able to celebrate this step of faith with them!

Budget Needs
God has provided generously for our community through 124 unique supporters so far this year.  As an expanding ministry we do have a couple immediate needs.

First, we need to expand our monthly giving to our general fund by $350 per month by December 15th.  This goes directly to paying for all of the ministry events and outreaches we do each month.

Second, we need special gifts in the amount of $900 to pay for several end of the year events our students have organized that were not in our original budget in August.

Will you consider partnering with us today?

The Team 
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Tyler Corn
Executive Staff
Founder & Board Member
There are not words to express how grateful we are for your partnership. We could not do what we do without you standing with us. You are our cloud of witnesses! We are blessed to call you friends and family.

 :: Grace & Peace ::

The Impact Family