December 17 Ministry Update
Our annual Christmas Party

 What a semester it has been! This fall has been filled with so many great things. From God moving in our Villages, Huddles, and Gatherings, we've seen meaningful growth throughout our community. It's been amazing to see new and older students continue to discover what it's like to have an authentic family in college. Our Gatherings on Sunday nights have been changing. We are focused on creating a space for the students to worship, hear, and learn the words of God. We have had many different speakers over the last semester, including staff, students, and guest speakers. We want to take advantage of the many voices that God is using to speak into our community. We always give the opportunity for the students to discuss and learn from each other as well. We want this to be an interactive time where students are sharing with each other from their hearts.

We wrapped up our semester with many celebrations. We had our annual Christmas party, which was a fun time of eating fried chicken and exchanging goofy gifts with each other. We celebrated a wonderful semester with the student leaders and couldn't be more grateful for what they do for this community. We couldn't do what we do without them. Lastly and most importantly, we sent off three graduating seniors at our last Gathering. Our vision at Impact is to create family, make disciples, and shape the future. We only have students for a few short years, and our heart is that when they graduate and go out into the world, the roots of their relationship with God are deepened and they are equipped to reach the world around them. We are so thankful for the investment our three seniors, Elizabeth, David, and Garren, have made in this community, but more than that, we are excited about where God is taking them and how he will use them for the rest of their lives.
Praying over our Graduating Seniors at the last Gathering of the semester 
How Impact impacted Me
by Sydney Allen

Before my first class, I sat in COED for my first Gathering. Starting my semester by
worshiping Jesus with other believers was the best way to start out my college life.

I quickly found myself spending lots of time with my new Impact family. We would
spend time together at Village and Gatherings, off campus worship nights, intramural soccer games, lunch and dinner dates, and even going to Build-A- Bear for $5 Teddy Bear day.

I met with leaders to talk about life, faith, and everything in between. Like everyone in
Impact, they are all so easy to talk to. They listened, gave advice, and were just good friends to have.

Fall Retreat came and went, and most people, like myself, joined a HUDDLE! Huddle is
a great way to spend time in fellowship with others. Huddle quickly became my favorite part of the week, and my leader became a dear friend to me.

When people back home ask me where I met my friends this first semester of college, I
truly answer by saying Impact. My first semester was surrounded by so much love and encouragement because of this amazing campus ministry.

As I Look Back 
by Garren Stewart

The past four and a half years have flown by. As I am just days away from graduation and different parts of college are coming to their end date, I'm able to look back and see just how the Impact family has seeped into every aspect of my life.

I became a part of the Impact community in the early fall of my freshman year and I never left. Impact has given me lifelong friends, a number of different roommates that have lasted anywhere from a summer to four years, Intramural teams, and a beautiful fiancĂ©e. Quite literally no part of my college career existed apart from Impact. With that being said, I don't think I would be the same man walking across the stage if it wasn't for this ministry. 

When I came to college I had never been in an environment of believers that was any different than what I had always known. Impact was the place that God used to stretch what I knew about Him, what I loved about Him and his people, and the ways to strengthen community around Christ. I grew up pretty reformed and have had a love for theology since early high school and in that, just like most immature reformed believers, I missed God's people around me because I idolized the knowledge part while completely missing the point. Impact helped change that in me. I began to see the hurting and wandering people around me as people and not just those that don't know enough. I got to be a part of a family that leaned on each other and poured into each other. Bridging that gap for me brought the two worlds together, doctrine and people. I missed the mark growing up by choosing one over the other and God used Impact to fix what was broken. 

In a couple of weeks, I will be starting a job at a church working with churches and workers around the world that are trying to take the Gospel where it isn't. That is where my heart has been for a long time but that same bridge God built through Impact has done nothing but strengthen my calling and desire. I see people as people and not as a mission. I see people, still in need of the gospel, but as people to invest in and not just another set of ears to evangelize. I owe that to my years in Impact. It was the home God gave me for college and I will always be grateful for my time as a student here.

End-of-Year 2017 Giving Campaign
November is always when we look at our budget and try to determine how we want to best steward what God has given us for the betterment of our community and the advancement of the gospel on campus.  Below are a couple of areas we currently have shortfalls that we want see fully funded in order to accelerate our work:

Gathering Budget - $500

Super Bowl Party - $300

Spring 18 Retreat Scholarships - $600

Total - $1,400

The Team 
Team Leader
Executive Staff
Tyler Corn
Executive Staff
Corn Ministry Update
As I'm wrapping up my third semester in ministry, I'm thankful for the opportunities and experiences I've had. I'm learning more about my strengths and weaknesses in discipleship. I have a clearer understanding of why God called me to ministry at Impact. At the beginning, I knew God called me to cultivate authentic relationships with students, and now I'm understanding more and more what that looks like for me. It's a joy to walk with students through life and their relationship with the Father.

This year, I've taken over more responsibility for our Gatherings. I've loved working alongside the students on the Gathering Team, praying and planning out how it can best reflect what our community is and needs.

For Lauren and I, our first four months of marriage have been amazing. We've had the greatest time settling into our new place and figuring out what our life during this season is going to look like. We are very thankful for our apartment, which is right across the street from campus. I ride my bike to campus everyday, and we're close enough for students to walk to our place for meetings or just to hang out!
There are not words to express how grateful we are for your partnership. We could not do what we do without you standing with us. You are our cloud of witnesses! We are blessed to call you friends and family.

 :: Grace & Peace ::

The Impact Family