A new season for Impact Charlotte in 2018!
Our team and incredible wives at our Staff Christmas Party

We have had an amazing last two years working together and serving the on-campus community of 30,000 students at UNC Charlotte through Impact Charlotte.  This is the ministry's 14th year on campus and while each year has provided it's unique challenges, we have always seen God move in the lives of students and bring them closer to him.  As we move into our 15th year it is with excitement that we announce the beginning of a new chapter for the leadership and community of Impact.

For the past year we have been discussing the best path forward to take Impact from what has been an amazing season of birth and maturity and to move forward with both growth and new challenges in mind.  It is with this framework before us that Nathan has decided this is the best time for the ministry, and his marriage and family, to step away from his 12 1/2 years of work on campus and devote his time to growing his counseling practice full-time.  After a lot of prayer and discussion we mutually decided that making this transition at the end of this school year would be the most natural move for everyone.  

The Gathering on May 6th, 2018 will be Nathan's last official event on staff with Impact Charlotte.  This decision was 100% his (along with his family's) to make and we are fully supportive and excited for them during this next season of life!  Although the leadership, patience, and wisdom Nathan served this community with will be missed, Tyler and Chris and excited to continue building the legacy of Impact Charlotte for the next 14 years and beyond.  

Nathan has written an official resignation letter he wanted to share with everyone and 

You also  may email Nathan here with any questions, concerns, or encouragement as he begins to make this huge step forward.

The best is certainly yet to come for both the community of Impact Charlotte and campus of UNC Charlotte!

The latest Evans family picture!
Spring Break in WV
by Rachael Gaskin

This past year was my third and final spring break trip as a student here. I have come to hold these weeks close to heart because they are not only a time of service, but a time of getting away from the chaos that is so overwhelming. While I had grown accustomed to our yearly trips to Mexico, this year's trip to West Virginia might go down as one of my favorites. 
Eleven of us were able to travel to West Virginia as we met two individuals, Cecelia and Anderson, who were in need of a new home. While we came into the construction project this time, not being able to see it from its beginning or its end, we were still there. Every morning we would drive an hour to a small community, drive up a holler and pull in to see two smiling friends and two barking dogs who were so excited to see us. 
While we worked on this house, building a deck, putting up dry wall, putting in insulation, and finishing siding, we were also listening to the stories that Anderson and Cecelia had to share with us. I found myself excited every morning, even though it rarely got above freezing while we were working, to just listen to them both as they shared their lives with us. There is something that is so beautiful about listening to others as they show you pieces of their hearts over and over again through their life stories, and during this trip God showed me how present he is in all of our stories. 
It is hard to explain all of the things that we experienced, but I will not forget the smiles on the faces of both Cecelia and Anderson as they worked alongside us all week. Coming together to work on someone's house, a house that has been on their property for two years as it has been built slowly, is something that is so amazing to be a part of - but being able to spend time with someone who wants to shares parts of themselves with you, is so much more amazing. This past week will not only be remembered because we, as a community, were able to work alongside each other as we helped build a house - but it will be remembered through the beauty of God's children. Those who were once strangers, but are now part of the family. 

Spring Special Gift Needs
As we finish up another incredible semester of ministry at UNC Charlotte we have a few ministry needs that would be a huge blessing to have provided for us.  They are: 

Spring Retreat Supplies - $350

End-of-the-Year Party - $300

New Student Leader Training - $500

New Student Marketing for SOAR (Summer) - $600

Total - $1,750

The Team 
Team Leader
Executive Staff
Tyler Corn
Executive Staff
There are not words to express how grateful we are for your partnership. We could not do what we do without you standing with us. You are our cloud of witnesses! We are blessed to call you friends and family.

 :: Grace & Peace ::

The Impact Family