November 17 Ministry Update
Our annual Fall Retreat at Park Springs Camp

 Fall semester is all about new relationships.  We meet thousands of students and have conversations with hundreds of them.  They are all looking for a community to belong too.  They are trying to answer the question, 'Who are going to be my people for the next 4 years?'  We believe that college is best done with a group of people who go beyond simple friends, but who are a family that is putting Christ at the center of everything that they are.

Our Village leaders worked tirelessly for the first few weeks of classes to engage new students and to introduce them to our community through a variety of activities.  Coffee house nights, game nights, house parties, large group lunches, trips to uptown Charlotte and more were environments where they could experience the heart of our community and to begin to understand what makes Impact a unique place on campus.

This past weekend we had our Fall Retreat at one of our favorite spots, Park Springs Camp near the NC/VA line.  We had perfect fall weather to enjoy all the hiking, canoeing, bon fires, basketball, enoing, 4 square, and more that the camp has to offer.  An author and speaker, PC Walker, flew in from Sacramento, CA as our teacher and spent 4 sessions leading us through a model of biblical community that we will never forget!  This was an amazing weekend and worked well to solidify our students into a meaningful family on mission who will bring Christ back to their friends, roommates, and classmates on campus.
Our Villages have been all over campus this fall inviting people into our community to experience Jesus 
Connect and Recharge
by Molly Hartness

This year's fall retreat was wonderful. The weekend was the perfect balance of therapeutic rest, laughter, worship, discussion, learning, and fun. 

We cheered each other on as we presented our hilarious Halloween costumes beside a bonfire. I lied in the wet grass with one of my best friends, gazing at the stars and talking about heaven. We worshipped in the warm heat of the morning sun and spent time alone in nature sitting in the presence of the Lord. We spent hours relaxing on canoes and water bikes on the lake.

We listened to powerful messages from our guest speaker that caused us to view our faith from a different perspective. We told stories and giggled while swinging in Enos underneath the colorful leaves. We performed quirky skits of Bible stories that led to a room full of belly laughter. We canoed blindfolded, bear crawled after eating entire packs of Smarties, smashed pumpkins, and guessed Skittle flavors as part of a "Hallolympics" competition. We sat in circles with a variety of people and discussed what family should look like.  
Impact was strengthened as a community; we operated as one body, and everyone had a seat at the table. I enjoyed spending time with both new and old friends. During the retreat, our entire group was united as we shared laughs, discussed our struggles, and learned more about the heart of God. 

As a sophomore, it was inspiring for me to observe the ways I have grown as a child of God and part of the Impact family in just one year. Even though I was surrounded by people during the weekend, I was able to connect with Jesus on a personal level. I loved the teachings of our guest speaker, and it was awesome to be able to spend time journaling, praying, and reading scripture outside in the beautiful weather. Fall Retreat 2017 was an incredible experience, and I'll always cherish it as a memory.

by Brianna Farr

Fall Retreat always occurs just when I need a haven from the hustle and bustle of life as a working student. Nothing is more renewing to my soul than time spent away from the city lights with a community of people who support me and messages that remind me of the God who loves me unconditionally. 

Over the weekend I was able to hone in on God's glory through His presence in the nature around me and the kindness of others toward me. We had endless fun and fellowship, and tons of fabulous food. I saw seeds of friendship and community planted in new students, and I witnessed vulnerability and family grow and blossom in all who attended. I collected a surplus of memories this weekend, and I am thankful for all of them. 

Two of my favorite memories, however, consist of me getting stuck in the still, cold lake after chasing my eno down the hill and falling in, and dressing up as the "Father, Sun and Holy Ghost" with two of my roommates for a costume contest around a bonfire. I look forward to the Impact Spring Retreat, and all the little moments our community shares in between.

Evans Ministry Update
I have had a great first few months of ministry this semester!  A new semester always brings plenty of new faces and along with it tons of opportunities to show the campus the love of Christ.  In addition to leading our staff, planning ministry events, and coordinating all the administrative tasks for the ministry I have also been busy planning our recent fall retreat and Huddling all of our student leaders.  It's been incredible seeing new students find hope and life as a part of our community and to see our staff and student leadership team flourish as they live out their faith in both tangible and intangible ways!

Personally, this has been an amazing season for our family as well.  Grady began 2nd grade, Brennan his final year of 3-day-a-week preschool, and Caed turned 5 months last week.  We've gone apple picking, gone on cub scout hikes and campouts, and gone trick-or-treating with good friends.  This fall has brought a lot of changes for our family and it has been humbling to see how God has continued to bring us closer to him through it! 
End-of-Year 2017 Giving Campaign
November is always when we look at our budget and try to determine how we want to best steward what God has given us for the betterment of our community and the advancement of the gospel on campus.  Below are a couple of areas we currently have shortfalls that we want see fully funded in order to accelerate our work:

Village Budgets - $1,000

Christmas Party - $300

Spring 18 Retreat Scholarships - $600

Total - $1,900

The Team 
Team Leader
Executive Staff
Tyler Corn
Executive Staff
There are not words to express how grateful we are for your partnership. We could not do what we do without you standing with us. You are our cloud of witnesses! We are blessed to call you friends and family.

 :: Grace & Peace ::

The Impact Family