Summer 17 Ministry Update
Our annual Spring Retreat trip to Garden City Chapel in South Carolina

 This past spring was a whirlwind of ministry! Villages, Huddles, and the Gathering all happened weekly.  Throw in a Spring Break trip to Mexico, Spring Retreat to Myrtle Beach, SC, Intramural teams, a Kentucky Derby party, and lots of other activities and it made for a busy 4 months! 

Consistently, the most rewarding part of campus ministry is watching students grow and mature in their relationship with Christ.  Students like Rachael, who believes she is being called into full time ministry after graduation.  Or Erin, who works closely with an organization in Charlotte called Present Age Ministries to end sex trafficking.  Or Lizzie and Lilly who brought the love of Christ in tangible and intangible ways into the Dance Department at Charlotte.  Or Wendall who just graduated as an Engineer and is bringing Christ to the business world of Uptown Charlotte.  Or Mary, who is giving up her first year as a teacher to go work with kids in Africa for 4 months this fall.  I could go on and on and on with stories of how God is using 18-23 year olds to transform the world within which He has placed them.  As a staff, it is humbling to be to be a part of their growth and transformation during their 4(ish) years of college.

This fall is the 14th year on campus for Impact Charlotte.  When Justin and Nicole Wallace started this ministry in 2004 they had a dream to collide deep, intentional discipleship with radical community.  14 years later we can say that Impact is continuing that dream by being committed to being a culture of discipleship that seeks to build a church family that shares the love of Christ with everyone in our path.  As the fall semester begins in a little over a month we ask that you pray that God gives us opportunities to be his hands and feet on campus!
Our 6th trip south of the border to build a house in Tijuana with Amor Ministries
Evans Summer Update

Life is a series of transitions linked into a cohesive whole by the people we care about most.  This spring was no exception!  Ministry with Impact was challenging and rewarding.  Getting to see our crew of 17 leaders learning to follow Christ more fully and living that out on campus was amazing.  Having the honor of discipling them and leading our staff gave me a lot of joy.  As I prepare to begin my 12th year on campus I cannot wait to see God move through another class of students.  

Emily and I have been busy raising our boys and in the midst of it all our family recently added one more.  Caedmon Ryan was born on May 22nd and is busy growing like a weed and filling the world with chubby little smiles.  Grady will be starting 2nd (!) grade this fall and Brennan will be in his final year of pre-school.  Balancing ministry and family is difficult, but we are thankful for the opportunity to continue to serve UNC Charlotte with Impact again this year!
Baron Summer Update

I cannot wait for school to start again! Coming back last year, and working with our students has me excited for the potential of Impact's future. This summer the staff has been pouring hours into planing and strategizing how God can best use our students to be vessels of redemption. It has also been awesome to interact with the hundreds of incoming freshman at student orientation. We are fervently praying that God will use this freshman class for his kingdom like he has never before. However, I am most excited about our Villages. I will be working very closely in each Village next year, making sure that we are a family that wants to reach the lost. I believe God will do amazing things through our Villages this year.

In the Baron household, Megan and I love being newly weds. Yes, at times marriage will quickly remind us how selfish we truly are, but I love having a partner in Christ. Megan has one more year left at Gordon-Conwell, then she will be a licensed professional counselor. It has been a long difficult road, marked with hours of reading and writing papers, however, she is excelling and learning more than she ever imagined. We are both so excited to work in fields we are passionate about. We have also found out that my mom has been diagnosed with colon cancer. This news certainly has disrupted our lives, however, my family's firm foundation of who God is has held us stronger than ever. She is doing great, but will be in chemo therapy for the rest of her life. It is even now difficult to write, but we believe in a God of miracles and more importantly a God who is always with us. 
Corn Summer Update

This summer has been a great time of rest and refocus, but God continues to work in the relationships around us. It has been a joy to live life with the students who just want to enjoy summer - we have had great organic time with one another. We also continue to meet new students through our summer Gathering. Even though it is more low-key than our usual event, God is still working in students hearts in theses times.

Also...It is almost that time! Lauren and I are just days away from our wedding and couldn't be more excited to begin our lives together. We are so thankful for our family and friends who are happy to help us plan and coordinate this special day. 

Summer 2017 Giving Campaign
Every summer we set out to raise a collection of special gifts to help us offset the significant cost of reaching out to new students during the first 6-8 weeks of the fall semester. Through a variety of events and our Villages we plan to engage as many of the 5,000+ new students at UNCC each year as possible.  We have several areas we need to raise money for in the next 4 weeks because we have to pay for them prior to August 15th. Those things are:

Freshmen Move-in 

Village Outreach Budgets

Leadership Development


Fall Retreat

Total :: $4,700

Will you give a special gift towards this need?  We need your help reaching the UNC Charlotte Class of 2021!

The Team 
Team Leader
Executive Staff
Tyler Corn
Executive Staff
There are not words to express how grateful we are for your partnership. We could not do what we do without you standing with us. You are our cloud of witnesses! We are blessed to call you friends and family.

 :: Grace & Peace ::

The Impact Family