IMPACT OF COVID - 2020 was a challenging year for SEED and our partners. For many of our partner groups, the end of the pandemic is far away. Right now, it is rising in Togo, Kenya, and India and increasing alarmingly in Jordan. For SEED, many of our events were canceled due to the pandemic, and we lost $50,000 in expected revenue.

OUR GRATITUDES - Since we were able to pivot quickly — and because you generously donated for SEED Capital projects — we were able to send 50% more than normal to our partner groups! What a blessing to be able to do so, even in 2020.

LOOKING FORWARD - 2020 has taught us a lot, and we have identified three specific growth opportunities to help livelihood groups thrive. They are:
  • large custom orders (like tote bags for conferences & churches)
  • sourcing products for companies
  • SEED Capital projects launching community-based small business ministries
You helped launch these SEED Capital projects in 2020!
Plus a special thank you! You helped raise $17,000 toward starting a pilot project in Kenya for reusable period underwear!  Read more about that in our next newsletter. :-)
Making large orders is the most significant way to improve the income flow for our artisan partners. Large orders help groups train additional artisans and provide steady work. Since we launched the “Large Orders program” in 2017, they have increased significantly.

We love selling a pair of earrings to a customer, but we’re also seeing a large impact when we source products for businesses. One example is getting the contract for one of our partner groups to make 10,000 “dryer angels” for a Michigan company. 

Do you know a company that wants to have their products ethically created?
If so, share this link with them:
You can impact lives around the world during this time of extended crisis. You can ensure these small business ministries can keep reaching out to the most vulnerable in their communities. 

This is a crucial time for SEED and our partner groups to rebound. If the pandemic has hit you hard financially, would you pray for us with a special empathy, knowing what many groups are facing? And if your finances are doing well, would you give an extra amount today?

We’re going to do an intentional fundraising push this year, with letters and emails going out quarterly. Will you help us? Would you forward this to a friend, leader, or someone else in your life who would be interested in donating or buying products to further SEED’s mission during this crucial time? 
SEED collaborates directly with groups helping them use more natural materials and best practices to create sustainable livelihoods.
SEED works with groups who live and grow together economically, relationally & spiritually, and who reach out and train others.
SEED pays fair trade wages to all artisan groups.
SEED helps churches grow small business ministries to overcome poverty, slavery and disability. Some are artisan groups. Some groups do other businesses that make sense in their community. Together, we seed economic justice and grow community hope.