March 20, 2020
OTA Members,

To assist your safety/compliance department during this time, Drivers Legal Plan has compiled the attached list addressing the operational changes by various courts nationwide. The list is prepared from our conversations and relationships with courts in the continental 48 states. The list contains GENERAL information regarding court closings and postponements of court dates.   Please understand that this list is fluid and will be updated as additional information becomes available.  In addition, some states have compiled a list of each court within the state and the impact, if any, COVID-19 has on court operations. Links to these sites are below.
Please note that while some court dates have been postponed, court personnel are still working and processing citations. With that being said,  all response deadlines noted on citations remain in place . In addition, please remember that drivers with active cases can check the status of their case 24 hours a day through our driver portal.
If you would like to receive an updated list as additional information becomes available, contact Brad Klepper Please know that Driver’s Legal Plan is available to assist you in every way possible.