Impco® 122 Circulator  Pumps
Carver Machine Works has been delighting customers over four decades with our ability to repair and overhaul rotating equipment.  
One of our developments years ago was modifying an Impco® 122 Circulator Housing to remove the bearing housing and introduce pillow block bearings to make bearing changes more convenient, save time and money.
Before and after (bearing guard installed)
Impco® 122 Circulator Conversion 

CMW developed this conversion for the Impco® 122 Circulator nearly 20 years ago.  We listened to our customers who shared their pain dealing with draining the entire tank in order to disassemble the bearing housing and replace the bearings.  
With the goal of simplifying the process for our customer we've removed the bearing housing altogether.  We've replaced it with a pillow block configuration, this provides:
  • A cleaner method of lubricating the bearings.  This eliminates oil leakage which saves money, decreases potential injuries due to slippery hazards and benefits the environment.
  • Pillow block bearings are inherently more reliable.  We've performed this modification over forty times in the past 15 years without needing to repair a single modified housing.  The results are longer service life and better reliability.
  • This configuration allows the replacement of bearings without draining the oil-tank.  This has been a cost savings to our customer as down time has been eliminated and reliability increased.
Before with the bearing housing
After (before installation of bearing guard)

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