Port of Davisville Breaks Annual Auto
Import Record - in October
For the 11th time in the past 12 years, the Port of Davisville has broken its annual auto import record, this time on October 18, the earliest date ever. As of October 18, 242,568 automobiles have been imported in 2019, up from 241,851 in all of 2018. Quonset company NORAD has been a critical piece of this remarkable growth, overseeing the processing and distribution of hundreds of thousands of automobiles annually. 

This record breaking auto import volume occurred while renovations at Pier 2 are on-going. The project is replacing the outer bulkhead with a new steel sheet and extending Pier 2 by 232 feet, creating a third berth for cargo ships to dock. The renovations are on track to be finished in early 2020, opening the door for further increases in auto imports.

“QDC is excited about the continued growth at the Port of Davisville even with the ongoing construction at Pier 2,” said QDC Managing Director Steven King. “We look forward to seeing continued growth at the Port once construction is complete.”

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More Than 250 New Jobs at Quonset
More than 250 new jobs have officially arrived at Quonset! Infinity Fresh Kitchen, a subsidiary of Ahold Delhaize USA services company Retail Business Services, produces fresh salads, sandwiches and to-go items for grocery stores. The facility, managed by partner Taylor Farms, began operations at its Quonset location earlier this month. This is exciting news as Infinity Fresh Kitchen has made the former Greencore building its home.

Infinity Fresh Kitchen has made an immediate impact on the Business Park and the North Kingstown community. Associates have already volunteered at the Rhode Island Community Food Bank and the company has donated fresh foods to the local food pantry in North Kingstown.

“We are excited to see Infinity Fresh Kitchen begin production at Quonset Business Park this month,” said QDC Managing Director Steven King. “As the leading engine of job creation in Rhode Island, it is great to see 250 new people go to work here every day.”

Providence Business News

(Picture Credit: Retail Business Services)
Bryant Report Garners Media Coverage
Quonset Development Corporation Managing Director Steven King made the rounds on Rhode Island’s radio, TV and podcast interview shows recently, discussing the release of Bryant University’s Economic Impact report last month and what the future holds for Quonset Business Park. Listen or watch them all below:

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