March 24, 2020 -
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Important COVID-19: Updates
New Posts including CLE compliance extension
New order from the Supreme Court of Missouri dated March 23, 2020 regarding extension for CLE compliance, new notice from U.S. District Court regarding clerks office hours and new notices dated March 23, 2020 from the 38th Circuit (Christian County regarding Writs, interpretation os parenting plans and administrative guidance for criminal defense counsel can be found at our webpage COVID-19 Notices
31st Circuit Division Clerk Email Addresses
Circuit Court Division 1:
Circuit Court Division 2:
Circuit Court Division 3:
Circuit Court Division 4:
Circuit Court Division 5:
Circuit Court Division 6:

Associate Court Division 21:
Associate Court Division 22:
Associate Court Division 23:
Associate Court Division 24:
Associate Court Division 25:
Associate Court Division 26:

Family Court Division 1:
Family Court Division 2:
Family Court Division 3:
Family Court Division 4:

Probate Court:


Presiding Judge Secretary:
The SMBA staff is working remotely. During this time you can contact Keith by email or mobile phone 501 944-0394. We will continue to operate the Lawyer Referral Service and respond to those calls daily.
Tomorrow - Ball Bell Workouts with Latoya
Free Video Group Training
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:00, starting Wednesday, March 25!
SMBA members and their staff and families are invited to join our group workout! You don’t have to be an exercise guru and you don’t need any special equipment to participate. Latoya will give a range of options to get you up and moving. More information here.
TGIF - Video Chat for Law Firm Leaders
Issues and Idea Exchange
Whether you are at a solo, small or medium sized firm, we want to help you connect with your peers and share information – at a safe distance! Fridays from now through April 24, at 10:00 am, we will have a video chat meetings hosted by SMBA Board Member Larissa Whittingham. This is a casual conversation, NOT a webinar (in case you are webinar’d out!.) Sign up here.
Wednesday, March 25: Dial in CLE - Ethics and Marketing - Practical ways to get the clients you want, presented by Michael Downey, 3/25
Thursday, March 26, 2020: A Conversation with Mary Fox, Missouri's Public Defender - Lunch Meeting changed to webinar and moved to March 26. Register at this link.
Friday- Nomination Deadline
2020 SMBA Law Day