JULY 10, 2 020

Please take the time to read through our plans for 2020 school opening.

Specific instructions and greater detail will be sent out before school starts.
The faculty and staff of Vanguard College Preparatory School care about the wellness of our Viking Community. Research has shown that in-class instruction is paramount for child development.

In returning to campus, our goal is to limit exposure to COVID-19. Our focus is to open the school in the fall and remain open. We are committed to c reating a culture of health and wellness in our community by working together on- and off-campus.

Protocols have been established to protect our Vanguard Family, as we continue our excellence in education.

Vanguard is going to phase-in our opening for 2020-2021.
This will allow us to work in smaller groups and
ensure that all protocols are clearly understood.

Friday August 14th
All Student Council, Student Leadership Meeting - 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Full School Day - by Grade Level (8:10 am - 3:15 pm)
Monday, August 17th | 11th - 12th Grades
Tuesday, August 18th | 9th - 10th Grades
Wednesday, August 19th | 7th - 8th Grades

All School Opening - Thursday, August 20th

Updates may occur to this preliminary plan, which is contingent on changes in community wellness and regulations. 

Please understand any and all things in place, may be changed due to State and guidelines.

The guidelines will be in place for the first 30 days of school and re-evaluated weekly.

We look forward to relaxing these protective policies as the pandemic improves.

Yours in Education,
Bill Borg
Head of School
Regarding our Academic Classes and evaluating appropriate protocol using TEA, CDC and Local and State Mandates, we have implemented the following:

  • Classroom size review
  • Classroom and meeting location changes
  • Distancing Standards
  • Course Designs and Protocols, if we had an outbreak
  • Protocols established for supporting elevated absences for Students and Faculty
  • Google Classroom as a standard for course content
  • Classroom Redesigning
  • With students facing forward
  • With outdoor classroom options provided
  • Community Spaces
  • Technology for continuing instruction if the teacher is needing to be off-campus.
  • Classwork assignments will be submitted digitally, when possible
  • Continued assessment of all Student technology needs

Safety Standards

  • At this time, masks are required for anyone on campus.
  • Faculty and Staff will have masks, face shields, and all PPE materials
  • Students will be provided with a Vanguard-specific neck gaiter or a covering of their choice to wear on campus
  • We encourage students to start practicing wearing a mask
  • COVID-19 wellness training and guidebook provided for all faculty, staff, and students
  • Limiting campus exposure potential with:
  • Campus-wide social distancing standards implemented 
  • Faculty, Staff, and Students remaining on-campus during the school day (Closed Campus)
  • Only allowing families and specific vendors on campus
  • Lunch:
  • Served from multiple locations
  • Outdoor options
  • Students can either bring their lunch or buy a pre-packaged meal

Campus Considerations

  • Sanitizing stations installed
  • Protocols established when entering and leaving classrooms and building. 
  • Hallway movements to be directional-based
  • Additional outdoor spaces provided for large group gatherings (ex: club meetings, activities)
  • Elevated janitorial staff on campus full-time for regular disinfecting 
  • Updated front office procedures
  • Isolation locations of those showing signs of illness
  • Specific building protocols initiated to intensify sanitization standards. 
  • Building ventilation systems reviewed with natural air
  • Complete review of the Air Filtration system
  • Fans installed in key locations
  • Clustering of Lockers by Grade Level
  • Consistent communication
  • Rapid and accurate delivery of information to families
  • Athletic Updates
  • Contingent on TAPPS 
  • Vanguard Community - Please help us welcome our New Viking Families to Vanguard!
  • Vision 2020 Team - Scenarios and Task Force - Click Here
  • Coming Soon
  • Viking Parent Crew continued involvement opportunities
  • Vanguard is working on details for Open House, Orientation, Fall events, and more. More information to come as we provide health and safety aspects for events
Specific instructions and greater detail
will be sent out before school starts.

Please contact the school with Questions or
Join Wednesday Zoom hotline to get all questions answered.

The office is open every day 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.
Vanguard Questions - We Love Questions!

General Questions:  Office Staff
Academic Considerations:  Zach Seifert
Scheduling & College Counseling:  Hannah VanDyke
Events/School Logistics (Communications):  Flip Alexander  
Admissions and New Students:  Chelsa Ressetar
Athletic Questions:  Will Curtis  
Counseling and 504 Accommodations -  Aline Leslie
SAT/AP/College Board Questions:  Hannah VanDyke
Overall Questions:  Bill Borg