February Breakfast Cancelled
Happy Holidays!

Please note that due to unresolved circumstances, the February Coalition Power Breakfast must be cancelled.

COAL apologizes for this 11th hour notice and any inconvenience this causes our members and community of interest. Please share this notice with friends and cohorts.

We look forward to you joining us at the March 7, 2020 Coalition Power Breakfast.

COAL Board of Directors

" The time to work seriously and collectively, to improve the state of our Community, is upon us...
Let's Get to Work.
UPCOMING February / March ISSUES
  • Judicial Candidate Profiles
  • 'It's Just History Repeating' Commentary
  • A Profile in Courage
  • Voting Challenge
About COAL
COAL is an umbrella organization founded by 13 of Chicago's historic African American mens clubs. COAL's overarching mission is to identify, examine, illuminate and find resolution to issues impacting the greater community. We strive to use our collective experience, expertise and resources to improve the quality of opportunity, quality of preparedness and the quality of outcomes (expressed as 'quality of life') for our community.
What We Believe
The Coalition of African American Leaders believes that it is important to examine the critical issues confronting the African American community where injustice, inequality and the absence of access and opportunity continue to prevail, thereby negatively impacting us as a people. COAL is an assemblage that advocates and organizes for appropriate and responsible public policy change, system behavior change and equality of opportunity. We aim to achieve for all of our people the fullness of the life experience without any form of racism or exclusion as a deterrent. We believe we must prepare ourselves for the opportunity of this full participation, thereby achieving the necessary education and training to participate.
Founding Member Organizations
100 Black Men Of Chicago ■ Chicago Assembly ■ Chicago Connection ■ Druids Club ■ Frogs Club ■ Lunch Bunch ■ New Committee ■ Original 40 Club Of Chicago ■ Rat Pack ■ Royal Coterie Of Snakes ■ Saints ■ Sigma Pi Phi Beta-Boule  ■ UIC Male Forum (now Chicago Good Health Group)