For the 2021-2022 school year, generous donors helped Trinity High School offer tuition assistance to nearly 40% of our students. We are proud to say that we met the need of all families that applied and qualified! We are now looking ahead to the 2022-2023 school year. The first step in the aid process will be for families to apply for the Diocesan Neumann Scholarship Program by March 1, 2022, through Simple Tuition Solutions.

This document is a Diocesan letter and worksheet helping to explain who should apply for financial aid.

This year, the Diocese of Harrisburg has partnered with Simple Tuition Solutions (STS) to determine eligibility for tuition assistance. Complete the application through the STS System--you will need to create a STS account/login. If you happen to land on a page that asks you to enter a School or Scholarship Organization Code, enter code: 20597.

After logging in, start a new application, selecting the 2022-23 school year if prompted. The application process is eight steps, including the payment step. As you proceed through the application, each step is saved as you advance to the next step. You can use the eight-step tool bar across the top of the page to toggle back to a previous step and edit.

After paying, you will receive an email introducing you to your application processor, and informing you of the financial documents you will need to provide. Documents may be scanned or photographed and uploaded to STS, or mailed to Simple Tuition Solutions, LLC, P.O. Box 779, Camp Hill, PA 17011. After financial documents are uploaded, the application locks and cannot be edited. At that point, changes can be made by contacting STS via email at or by phone at (717) 599-7611, option 1.

Once STS has received all of your required financial documentation, STS’s application processors will verify the data and review the application per Pennsylvania State Law to determine your eligibility for any state programs. You will be notified by email upon the completion of this verification/review process. These results will be available to Trinity. STS handles the verification and eligibility determination of applicants, while all award determinations are made by Trinity.

If you have younger students in Diocesan Catholic Schools, you may fill out one application for your family. For assistance or questions, contact the Trinity Business Office at (717) 761-1116 ext. 151.

Thank you for your attention to this process. Trinity is fortunate to have ample financial aid due to generous families and businesses in our community, but it is imperative that those who need aid apply through STS by March 1, 2022.

We are committed to meeting the financial need of all of our families! God bless you!