How To Write An Airtight Social Media Policy That Complies With New Federal Standards
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Why My Podcast Course is So Urgent
The Biggest Mistake You Can Make Is Placing Blind Trust On A Social Media Policy That Comes
From A Reputable Source.

When Tested In Court, Organizations Are Shocked To Find Out That Their Model Social Media Policy From A Reputable Source Has Costly Hidden Policy Gaps...
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The U.S. Supreme Court Classifies Social Media Policies As A "High Liability" Specialized Legal Instrument That Must Be Drafted By A Social Media Attorney Specialist, Not A Busy In-House Attorney Or Non-Lawyer.
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Special Price Ends In 30 Days
Special Price : $79 Per Person
Courts Don't Recognize Busy In-House Attorneys As Social Media Law Experts, That's Whey Organizations Have Me Update Their Social Media Policies...
4 Reasons 97% Of Model Social Media Policies From Reputable Policy Services And Associations Fail In Court
> The policies are not written by attorneys who specialize in digital and social media law. Being an attorney doesn't qualify you to write social media policies.

> The policy doesn't comply with the new federal social media policy drafting standards.

> The policy language is too overbroad and vague and missing key liability issues.

> The policy isn't enforced with expert employee social media liability training.

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Why It's Urgent To Have A 30 Year Nationally Recognized Social Media Attorney Specialist Draft Your Social Media Policy
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Special Price Ends In 30 Days
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Social Media Policies Must Be Written As A Broadcasting And Publishing Contract With Employees And Other Third Parties.

Policy Language On Live Streaming And Other Emerging Technology Must Be Carefully Drafted...
Hundreds Of Government And Private In-House Attorneys Agree, You Must Have An Outside Social Media Attorney Specialist Help You Comply With The New Federal Social Media Policy Standards...
“Mark, thanks to you, our city manager approved your Social Media and Records Management Policy you did for us. Your assistance in this entire process is greatly appreciated.
- Pat Cabrera, Office of the City Clerk
Las Vegas, NV
"Mark, your program was great. Being aware of the hidden liabilities in social media policies not discussed in other courses saves you big legal fees and your public image."

- Cindy Reid, Attorney, Davidson, NC
“This course contained more case law and more specifics on developing a Social Media Policy than any of my previous training.”

- Chief Greg Dagnan, Carthage, MO

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Asking This Question Can Save You Big Legal Damages And Embarrassment In Court...
If you are using a boilerplate social media policy from a reputable policy service or association, did you verify that the policy was written by a Social Media Attorney specialist who is familiar with the new federal policy standards.
Our Powerful Online Program Targets New
Federal Compliance Standards
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Special Price Ends In 30 Days
Special Price : $79 Per Person

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