Reopening Plans Delayed
Last Friday, we sent you a message that we tentatively planned to open in the coming week. Since that time several factors have changed and led us to the difficult decision to delay our proposed reopening. We will reassess the current situation in one week with a goal of opening July 1st. Safety and compassion for our members, employees and the community at large remain our primary focus.
The most recent case data for COVID-19 in SLO County indicate that we are entering a significant spike. The only way to know for sure is to wait for more data. The list of factors below gave us pause:

  • In the 10 days from June 9th - June 19th, 102 new cases were reported (The entire month of April only reported 101, and the month of May reported 85).
  • In the same 10 day period, Santa Barbara County reported 472 new cases and halted their scheduled business reopening plans.
  • Four of the last seven days have been the highest single day case counts since the start of the pandemic.
  • There are now more active cases in SLO County than at any point during the pandemic.
  • Asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic spread of COVID-19 remains a strong risk and there is still a lot that is not known about this virus.
  • Indoor exercise remains a high risk activity (source: Cleveland Clinic)

The portion of the graph circled in red indicates a pronounced upward turn of the curve. Source: ReadySLO.org - Current Emergency Information
An argument was presented to us that the reason our county is reporting more cases is because there has been increased testing. While that may be true, it is equally concerning. The state and local authorities have indicated that the timing and decisions to reopen businesses have been guided by the data. If we are seeing more cases strictly because we're testing more, that means the data that was being used to guide reopening has been incomplete and inaccurate. Bad data leads to bad decisions.
The fact remains that the virus is alive and flourishing in our community, and continues to pose a significant health risk. If we weren't open in March with low levels of cases, we shouldn't be open in June with high levels of cases. As a small business it is difficult to remain closed, but we not sacrifice the safety of our employees and members. We believe staying closed a little longer will put us on the right side of history.

What can we do to continue to support your fitness during our closure?
  • We will be continuing our virtual class offerings with new content daily on both Instagram (@eqclubs) and our Mindbody Video Library (link also in IG bio).
  • We are continuing to rent available equipment for home use.
  • We are actively planning options to safely offer some pop-up outdoor classes so we can see you all in person (from greater than 6', of course).
  • Virtual personal training sessions are available.
  • Virtual nutrition consultations are available.

We are continuing to prepare the facility and our safety protocols daily. We are hopeful that the new governor-issued state mask mandate will be strongly observed in our community leading to a drop in new cases and putting us in a position to safely reopen soon.

Stay well, stay active, and wear your mask.

David & Brittany Pomfret

Equilibrium Fitness for Women
805.541.1100 info@eqclubs.com