You will soon receive a mailed amalgam management certification report from Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District, similar to what your clinic has received each year since 2008. However, this report will look different this year due to new federal amalgam regulations that went into effect in 2017. These new regulations include new actions that dental clinics need to take , so read on for more information about the rule and what to expect.

The new rule, titled Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for the Dental Category ,” requires all clinics that handle amalgam to take certain actions to manage amalgam to prevent mercury pollution in our nation's waterways. As a dental clinic in Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District's service area, you have already taken several of these actions to comply with local requirements in the district's Sewer Use Ordinance , such as maintaining an amalgam separator and following best practices to collect and recycle amalgam waste.

However, there are a few differences between the EPA rule and the district's local requirements, so your clinic may need to take additional action to comply with the EPA rule . For more information, the district has created this explanatory document that includes a summary of rule requirements, a comparison of similarities and differences between local requirements and new EPA requirements, and what actions local clinics need to take as a result of the rule.

After ensuring that your clinic is following the requirements in the rule, you will need to certify that your clinic is in compliance with the rule by submitting a One-Time Compliance Report to Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District. As the local wastewater treatment utility, the district is the "Control Authority" under the rule for clinics affected by the rule that discharge to our sewer system.

By completing and returning the One-Time Compliance Report to the district in 2018, you will satisfy the district's local reporting requirement for this year. In subsequent years, you will receive the annual certification report from the district, as usual.

You can expect the mailed One-Time Compliance Report the week of August 6. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don't hesitate to contact Catherine Harris ( ) or Emily Jones ( ) at the district.

We appreciate your continued work to keep mercury pollution out of our waters.

Best regards,

Catherine Harris and Emily Jones
Pollution prevention specialists