Beginning August 8th, 2022, Prudence & Bay Islands Transport will be suspending the shipping & handling of UPS packages until past due payments have been received for services rendered. UPS has been informed that this delay in package transport will result in hardship for the Prudence Island community and we hope that they will work with us to correct the issue quickly. We apologize for the inconvenience this interruption in delivery may cause, however we are no longer able to continue the extensive effort of transporting the UPS packages without compensation for services.

UPS packages that are in route for Prudence Island after August 8th will be held and can be picked up at the UPS Customer Center in Warwick, RI at 150 Plan Way.

Please reach out to UPS directly if this impacts you as a customer at

1-800-pickups or 1-800-742-5877. We encourage all customers to make themselves heard so this issue will be corrected quickly.

USPS, FedEx and FedEx Express packages will continue to be delivered with no interruptions. 

Please note PBIT does not currently have a contract with Amazon directly and majority of Amazon packages are delivered via UPS therefore these deliveries will also be impacted by this suspension.

Call UPS