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Winter Injury 


Predicting winter injury to plants is an impossible task. Winters on Cape Cod can be very mild some years and downright brutal the next. Many factors can contribute to winter injury. The weather in the Fall leading up to a winter can determine how well a plant physiologically hardens off. Types of plant material, soil type, snow cover, exposure, and the weather itself can all have an impact. The newly planted evergreens are most vulnerable.

Damage to plants can come in a couple of forms. Heavy snow and ice damage can cause mechanical damage like broken limbs or uprooting's. Extreme cold can kill plant cells to cause damage. This is especially true for the flower buds of many landscape ornamentals. Desiccation injury may occur when moisture is lost through the leaves more quickly than it can be replaced by the roots.  If the soil is frozen, the roots cannot take in any of the moisture contained in the soil.

As caretakers for the landscape, we can't do much to prevent injury due to extreme cold and snow or ice damage, but we can try and minimize desiccation. Water loss through the leaves occurs from pores on the undersides of leaves called stomata. This water loss is a natural process of photosynthesis known as transpiration. To reduce transpiration we can apply a product known as an anti-transpirant. Anti-transpirants form a water impermeable layer on the leaf to prevent water loss. We generally apply these products beginning in the early winter. 

People often ask why we don't apply them before the first freezing temperatures and there are two reasons for this. First, an application of anti-transpirant too early in the season when moisture is still available to the plant can cause  damage to the leaf. Secondly, these products are most effective right after they are applied. We target the timing of applications to occur when damage from desiccation is most likely to happen. For many of our clients we will apply multiple applications throughout the winter months. For more sensitive and high value plantings a burlap windscreen can be created to prevent wind damage.


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We will work with you this winter to develop a plan to make your landscape sparkle. 

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