Dear YULA Girls Families,

On Motzei Shabbat we shared with you that one of our YULA Girls students had tested positive to COVID-19. We also shared with you on Sunday evening that based on our communication with the Department of Health and the ACD Bureau, that our school community did not have to go into quarantine and that we should begin practicing social distancing. 

However, at this time, new and updated guidelines have been given to me from the ACD Bureau. 

As policies are shifting and the understanding of the disease is evolving, we have been told to assume that all of our students and faculty have been in contact and exposed to the student who tested positive and therefore we should all (all YULA Girls students and faculty) go into quarantine through Monday, March 23.

Parents and other household members of our students and faculty do not have to quarantine, but should continue with social distancing.

Public Health advises you to monitor your daughter(s) for signs of illness between now and Monday, March 23 and urges your child(ren) to strictly follow this quarantine even if they remain without symptoms during the monitoring period. These steps will help keep your family, friends and our community safe from the further spread of COVID-19.

If any of your daughters develop symptoms, and these can be mild - scratchy throat, diarrhea, cough, muscle and joint aches and pains, and fever, you should consult your medical provider, but the presumptive diagnosis will be COVID-19 and diagnostic testing may not be recommended.  

During the monitoring period your daughter(s) should:
  • Stay indoors as much as possible. Limit activities outside the home or similar setting. Do not let your daughter(s) go to work, school, or attend social events or gatherings.

  • Have your daughter(s) keep distance from others (of about 6 feet).

  • Limit people in your home or similar setting to those that live with you.

  • If possible, separate your daughter(s) from others in your home or similar setting who may be at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 such as elderly and those with underlying medical conditions.

  • If your daughter(s) develops mild illness during the monitoring period, refer to Home Care Instructions for Patients with Mild Respiratory Infection ( Most persons with respiratory infection, including COVID-19, will have mild illness which can get better with home care. If symptoms worsen, call your daughter’s healthcare provider in advance and let them know your child(ren) was in close contact with a patient with confirmed COVID-19.
Knowledge and guidelines for COVID-19 is rapidly evolving. We recommend that you frequently check back with the Public Health web page for updated information ( ).

Click HERE to download the attachment and guidelines from the LA County of Public Health: " Home Isolation Instructions for People with COVID-19 Infection and People Awaiting COVID-19 Test Results " and " Information for Caregivers, Intimate Partners, and Household Members of People Who Have or May Have COVID-19 ".

I understand that these further guidelines may cause concern and I am here to answer any and all questions. You can always reach me at .  

Sincerely and with wishes for B'Sorot Tovot ,
Rabbi Joshua Spodek
Head of School
YULA Girls High School | 310-203-0755 |