Dear all Ninety Four Adopt A Family Sponsors!

What a team we have this year! Thank you to all the churches, businesses, families, fire department shifts and groups that are sponsoring families to make Christmas Merry for 122 families in Batavia. This is a tremendous undertaking and we simply could not do it without you!

At this time, I wanted to share with you some important information about our 2018 Adopt A Family program:

Venue : Our drop off venue has changed! Grace McWayne School is our host this year and all gifts will be dropped off there on 12/17 from 5-8pm. They are super excited to be a part of this project and they are brimming with hospitality!

Socks/Underwear: Many wish lists request socks and underwear. We have this covered thanks to the fabulous Underwear Party hosted by the Batavia Lions Club. We will tap into this supply and add socks and underwear to your gifts on drop off night. There is no need to spend your dollars on this. Thank you Batavia Lions Club!

Cleaning Supplies: Many of our families have requested cleaning supplies. We have 2 groups that are orchestrating cleaning supply collections, so we have this covered and you can skip this purchase if it was a request on your lists.

Xmas Stockings: Batavia Women's Club and friends will provide a stocking for each adopted child. It will be age and gender appropriate and fabulous!

Groceries: Once again, Chip In will be providing a grocery bag full of fresh fruit and produce for each family. Thank you Chip In!

Adopt A Bag: For the 4th year, Chip In has rallied its supporters to donate a bag of necessities ....laundry detergent, TP, shampoo and more for each family. Thanks to the generosity of our community we have already collected all that we need! Well done!

HELP for YOU: T hanks to cash raised at the Lions Club Underwear Party, support from Batavia Women in Business, Batavia Youth Baseball and other generous donors ...we have help available! If you received a list with lots of need, (especially if you have a family that all needs coats) please do not be overwhelmed or think "what have I signed up for!" Please simply send me an email and we can talk about some back up for you if I didn't offer before the list even left my computer! These wonderful organizations provide cash and gift cards for just this purpose - to help where needed and to help cover teens who simply want gift cards to do their own shopping. Do not hesitate to reach out and tap into some back up if you would like to!

Coats: The following coats/snowpants have been donated by the Huddleston family. Please let me know if anything from this list matches one of your adopted children. I would be happy to tag an item for your family and it will catch up to your gifts on drop off night. Here is what I have available:
4T snowsuit
5/6 jacket
10/12 jacket
14/16 jacket
3T jacket and pants
5/6 jacket (2 available)
7/8 jacket & snowpants
8/10 snowpants - pink
10/12 jacket (3)
14/16 jacket (2)
14/16 Navy
16/18 black

Five years ago, Batavia United Way adopted 30 families, with no stockings or groceries. This year we will once again break all record. Thanks to your generosity, today's ability to tap facebook and social media to find you, and of course a school district that truly cares for our kids...we are doing so much more!

Thank you for your support of this holiday project. You are truly making Christmas Merry for a family very much in need.

On behalf of the Batavia United Way Board of Directors, happy shopping and Happy Holidays!

Melinda Kintz