Adams Aviation Supply Co Ltd
Mercury House, Vulcan Way, New Addington CR0 9UG
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We, at Adams, have some exciting news that we would like to share…
Our home over the last decade has been Mercury House in New Addington but, very shortly, we will be moving to 2 Kelvin Lane, Newton Rd, Crawley RH10 9TY near Gatwick Airport from where we will continue to offer the same excellent level of service that you are used to…or, if possible, even better!
Our plan is to move over the 2nd weekend in December to minimise our downtime and any inconvenience to you. That date may have to shift because of the second lockdown but we will keep you informed as we get closer to the time. Please note, with the possible exception of a very urgent AOG, whether it be the second week in December as planned or another weekend, we will not be able to ship on the Friday as we will be concentrating on physically preparing and shipping our stock to the new warehouse. If you are able to order in advance to avoid the Friday we would be very grateful.
As with so much this year, Covid-19 is a factor. As a reaction to the first lockdown in March, we invested in a new Virtual Private Network and Microsoft Teams videoconferencing meaning that we now have the flexibility to operate, communicate and serve your needs from anywhere that we can get an internet connection. Despite the challenges that Covid presents, rest assured we are well positioned to meet and exceed your needs remotely.
The other notable event on the horizon is, of course, Brexit. Our plan, as you know, is to maintain our warehouse in the UK but service our European customers’ needs via a subsidiary in the EU. If you are based in the EU then your goods will be sent using UPS’s WorldEase product. Your order will go direct to you so that there is no delay. Your price will be the one quoted with no additional charges for duty, Customs clearance, etc. Our German subsidiary will clear Customs and handle any paperwork in the EU. The invoice that you will receive will be from the German subsidiary rather than Adams UK. If you are based outside of Germany, intra-Community VAT treatment will be used. If you are within Germany, German VAT will be charged. 
Please let us know if you think this plan will require any changes at your end. Will you, for instance, need to formally place the order on the German subsidiary rather than with us here in the UK? Does your Quality System require you to formally approve the German subsidiary as a supplier?
If you have any questions, please do feel free to ask!
About Adams Aviation Supply Co Ltd
Adams Aviation Supply is Europe's largest distributor of parts and accessories for general and business aviation. Our full range is available to qualified trade customers, with globally competitive prices, quantity breaks and price-sensitive alternatives, and all without hidden extras. Adams Aviation Supply offers market-leading traceability with the goods at no extra charge, along with same-day despatch for next-day delivery across Europe, or via consolidated shipments. Adams has EASA 145 approval and carries over 130 must-have product-lines, offered by experts for each product-type and with, of course, aviation in your language. After all, we are Europe's plane speaking people. For more information, visit or CLICK HERE to access our capabilities and catalogues.

For over 50 years Customer Service has always been the order of the day at Adams.
Mercury House, UK
November 2020