Changes Coming to Member
Email Address Change Process
Sent on behalf of the USMS Membership Committee chair and USMS Vice President of Administration

At the beginning of 2020, the National Office took the first steps of what was a major change to its communications: beginning the transition to a new email platform. [NOTE: This doesn’t change the system that membership coordinators use to send LMSC emails.] The new email platform provides several benefits, which include allowing recipients to opt in and opt out of certain communications in a personalized preference center (including LMSC emails), cutting down on the time the National Office needs to prepare and send emails, allowing for automated communication campaigns, enhancing the functionality of the emails, and ensuring compliance with electronic communication security and marketing regulations. Within the next few months, it will have completely transitioned to this new email platform and will have the member preference center up and running.

In order to secure a member’s preference center, a unique email address, which is also the member's My USMS login, for each member is required. To ensure no duplicate email addresses are added into the system, a member email address can only be updated by National Office staff. LMSC membership coordinators can help members update their email address by simply emailing the requested change to or the member can email USMS’s new online member community, the next phase of our digital transformation and scheduled to be rolled out in mid-2020, will provide members the ability to update their email through their My USMS account.

Starting April 16, 2020:

  • USMS members can update their email address by contacting the National Office or their LMSC membership coordinator. The coordinator will email the requested change to
  • The USMS Admin tool used by membership coordinators to change a member’s email address will no longer be available. The coordinator will email the requested change to

We appreciate your understanding through this transition, and we look forward to simplifying the member experience with USMS.

We will keep you informed as updates become available. Until then, please feel free to send questions or concerns to
Susan Ehringer, USMS Membership Committee Chair

Chris Colburn, USMS Vice President Administration
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