The Crossing's Midtown Update
Hey Midtown!

Prayer Experience
We are excited to announce a one-time only Prayer Experience at the Midtown location! Join us on Sunday, September 15 between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM. This will be an "open-house" style prayer experience, where our team will be able to write short prayers, scripture, and the name of your One throughout the building.

We want everyone on the Midtown Launch team to stop by. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity!

When: Sunday, September 15
Time: 3:00PM - 5:00 PM, Open House
Where: The Crossing Midtown, 3535 W Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89102

Future Team Communication
This will be our last Thursday launch team email. We are getting ready for the launch of the Midtown location, and we now have a bunch of neighbors that we have met that we also want to start communicating with. So let me share the most important communication channels you will need to know going forward.

  • Rock RMS: The Crossing has a new database system, and it’s going to be a game changer for all of us. Much of our communication will take place in and through Rock. Take a couple minutes to set up your login and profile to get ahead.

  • Midtown Team: We have designed a webpage just for you! You can look at this page at any time and you will find the latest information and events you need to know about. You can also see resources that we think will help you in your ministry and your leadership.

  • Thursday emails. We will still send out an email every Thursday, but it’s focus will be for the entire Midtown location and it will have information about the upcoming weekend services and other events.

Of course, you can always email, message and call, but, as we move forward, the three channels listed above will play a primary role.
See you soon!
Midtown Team

We always want to know the best way to communicate with you, and there are lots of different ways you communicate. Do you Slack? WhatsApp? Calendar Invite? Something else? Let us know what you use!
New Series Begins September 8

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