Our Mission:
My Little University   is committed to providing a Safe, Nurturing, Developmentally Appropriate Environment for children.

Our Mission is to facilitate stimulating Early childhood Care and Education Experience which promotes each child's Social-Emotional, Physical, and Cognitive Development to establish a foundation that motivates and inspires the continuance of Lifelong Discovery and Learning.

Important Announcement
For the following Classrooms:
Shining, Super and Spunky Sophomores
Dear MLU Families,

We are committed to providing a nurturing, developmentally appropriate environment. For several weeks we have been planing a new classroom layout in which we will continue developing lifelong passion for discovery and learning. In turn, our caregivers will enjoy a more manageable, smaller classroom setting.

We would like you to know that our State Licensing Inspector has approved our new classroom grouping. An email will be sent to announce the effective date for this change.

Following is our NEW classroom layout:

Super Sophomores: 12- 18 Months
Room #2
Ratio is 1:04 and Room Capacity is 8

Spunky Sophomores: 18 - 24 Months
Room # 1
Ratio is 1:06 and Room Capacity is 9

Shining Sophomores I : 2 yr - 2.5 yr
Room # 5
Ratio is 1:06 and Room Capacity is 16

Shining Sophomores II : 2.5 - 3 yr.
Room # 6
Ratio is 1:10 and Room Capacity is 15