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The Daniel Rudd Fund Grant Program Has Been Expanded

The DRF Now Funds:

  • Parish Capital Improvements that address health and safety issues. *IMPORTANT NOTE: Letter of Support must be written by the Bishop of the corresponding diocese.

  • Tuition Assistance for Catholic education in schools experiencing declining enrollment. *IMPORTANT NOTE: Letter of Support must be written by the Superintendent of Catholic Schools of the corresponding diocese, or the Religious Superior of the Community sponsoring a private or independent school.

  • Programs to Re-Engage our Black Youth in the Catholic Church. This can include after-school leadership opportunities, sports and recreational programs, culturally-rich programs, anti-violence programs, etc., centered on Black Catholic youth to promote positive self-identity.

About the Daniel Rudd Fund:

The Daniel Rudd Fund (DRF) provides grants to organizations involved in ministry to Black Catholics. The goal of this grant is to financially assist new and existing programs that promote the Gospel within  parishes, schools and communities.

Other Important Criteria:

The organization must explain how it’s mission and practices align with at least one of ten priorities of the NBCC Pastoral Plan of Action presented at Congress 12.

The grant process is conducted entirely online.

Please note:

  • Only applications submitted within the next application cycle will be considered for funding.
  • Since the Daniel Rudd Fund is intended to provide start-up capital, we will only award grants to organizations a total of three grant cycles.
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Deadlines to Apply:

Grant applications will be accepted beginning Friday, July 1, 2022 at 8:00 AM EDT. The grant cycle closes on Thursday, September 1, 2022 at

5:00 PM EDT.


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