Upcoming Changes
In an effort to streamline access to courses on the F S M Campus, we are upgrading to a new enrolment key system.
Participants who are logged into their F S M Campus accounts will be able to enter an enrolment key directly on the home screen, and will automatically be taken into to the correct course.

One spot, right up front, for any key!
On Monday, July 23 rd we will be turning off enrolment key access on the F S M Campus. Enrolment capabilities will be re-activated on Wednesday, July 25 th.

Ple ase ensure that you do not schedule any online exams for Monday, July 23 rd or Tuesday, July 24 th .

Also be sure to avoid scheduling any individuals or groups to start training on Monday, July 23 rd or Tuesday, July 24 th .

Any participants that already have active enrolments in the online training will still be able to access training through their dashboard on the F S M Campus.
More Info
As part of this process, we will be replacing all current 5-digit enrolment keys with new 8-digit enrolment keys.

If you have already issued 5-digit keys to your users, and they do not use them before Monday, July 23 rd , you will need to issue them a new key once your replacements have arrived. Any of your users who contact our support team with a 5-digit enrolment key after we transition on Wednesday, July 25 th will be redirected back to you for a replacement.
Additional Changes
When we provide enrolment keys from the new system, they will appear very different from what we currently send out. New keys will be issued in a PDF file, with instructions and a QR code for each individual key.

If you wish to receive an update of your used and un-used keys, you may contact our support team to request it. The format of the spreadsheets will also differ slightly, as used and un-used will no longer appear woven together.

No actual down-time
Several people taking an online exam
This system maintenance window will not affect users on the Food Safety Market online store or users with active enrolments on the F S M Campus.

Orders for enrolment keys that are placed through the Food Safety Market online store after 2pm (EDT) on Friday, July 20 th will be processed during the transition on Monday or Tuesday.
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