We are sending the following on behalf of the Office of Early Learning. Questions should be directed to  tina.shockley@doe.k12.de.us . Delaware Stars is not able to provide any additional information or answer questions.

Dear Early Learning Provider,

Once again, thank you for your ongoing commitment to Delaware’s children during the COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to keep communication ongoing and pertinent, we wanted to share some updated information.

The top questions we have received to date have been around payments and timelines. Please be assured that the State is working towards a process for expediting payments, and will be following up with additional details early next week. We were hoping to include that in this communication, but have a few more details to work out. We know this is a source of frustration and uncertainly, and we are working as quickly as we can. 

All providers that intend to request Enhanced Reimbursement funding must register in the State’s accounting system. This must happen prior to our ability to process any payments.  

If a provider is currently a registered supplier within the First State Financials (FSF) system, there is no action to be taken at this time. 

If a provider is not currently a registered user within FSF, there are two options to meet this obligation. You can either submit an online application (eSupplier Portal) or you can submit via email an IRS W-9 form to the State’s Division of Accounting. Please only utilize one of these options, not both.

Online Application:    Use the State of Delaware eSupplier Portal to complete the online registration at :https://esupplier.erp.delaware.gov/psc/fn92pdesup/SUPPLIER/ERP/c/SCP_PUBLIC_MENU_FL.SCP_PUB_REG_CMP_FL.GBL?& . The Taxpayer ID (SSN or EIN) and Applicant (supplier) name are submitted to the Internal Revenue Service for matching. If the Taxpayer ID and name do not match, the supplier record cannot be approved. 
  • It is the applicant’s responsibility to select the appropriate 1099 Withholding Type and Class. 
  • If an applicant has questions about completing this form or specific questions about an eSupplier registration, contact the supplier maintenance team by phone at (302) 526-5600, option 1 or to FSF_Supplier_Maintenance@delaware.gov

IRS W-9 Form: Complete form here and send to: DOF_DOA_eSupplierSupport@delaware.gov

It is critical that vendors become registered immediately to avoid any delays in processing of payments. Please keep in mind this is only required if you are not currently registered within FSF.  

The State is currently developing a secure, online application for providers to submit their requests for Enhanced Reimbursement funding. We anticipate that the online application will be up and running next week, and we will begin processing submitted applications shortly thereafter. Please note that the processing of applications and payments may take up to two weeks once fully completed and accurate applications have been received. Each Monday the Department of Education will process applications received for the week prior, to ensure that payments are processed as timely as possible. 
Please keep in mind that it is critical for providers to register within the State’s accounting system (see above) as soon as possible to avoid delays.    Payments cannot be processed if the provider is not registered within First State Financials.

We will provide additional information and details as they become available, to include information on how to access the online application and where to send payment inquiries. Stay tuned as we work to get funding out to each of you!

Other Updates/Guidance:
To clarify, for Enhanced Reimbursement, vacant slots are defined as the difference between the provider’s official licensed capacity and currently enrolled POC and private pay slots as of the 15 th  of the month for which you are submitting an application. That number will represent vacant slots for purposes of payment. This ensures no slot is double paid for.

Licensed Capacity – (currently enrolled POC slots + currently enrolled private pay slots) = Vacant Slots
Other Small Business Supports: 
For centers with business vitality concerns, attached here is information from the Division of Small Business that highlights various support programs for which you may be eligible. These programs include:
  • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, which are available from local banks. The best place to start to get a loan is at a bank you have a previous relationship with. The loans help cover expenses, and if the business meets certain requirements around retention of staff, the loan is forgiven after June 30th. Otherwise, the loan is paid back over a two year term with 1% annual interest.
  • The Economic Industry Disaster Loan (EIDL) Program, which helps to cover falls in revenue as a result of the pandemic. They are issued directly through the Small Business Administration (SBA). They are not forgivable, have a higher annual interest rate of 3.75%, but come with a much longer repayment term, up to 30 years.

Visit  business.delaware.gov/coronavirus  for more information.

Next Week:
For next week, you can expect the following:
  • Additional guidance and FAQs.
  • On Wednesday (4/15), the State intends to make the application system live. 
  • Additionally, we plan to host a provider call for additional information and to answer questions.  That call will take place on Wednesday, 4/15/2020 at 10:00 am. Please see call line information below:

Call In:  866-506-4361 . There is no need for a passcode as this will place the caller directly onto the conference line, as early as 25 minutes prior to the scheduled call. The conference will have a Q&A Session. All participants will be muted during the Q&A Session. Press *1 to ask a question. Press # to remove the question from the question queue.

We will continue to provide updates to help you navigate through these uncertain times as often as possible. Please continue to send questions and comments to Tina Shockley at  tina.shockley@doe.k12.de.us .

Kimberly Krzanowski, Ed.D.
Executive Director
Office of Early Learning
Delaware Department of Education
401 Federal Street
Dover, Delaware 19901