We are sending the following on behalf of the Office of Early Learning. Questions should be directed to  tina.shockley@doe.k12.de.us . Delaware Stars is not able to provide any additional information or answer questions.

Dear Early Learning Provider,

Please see updated guidance below. We hope that this information provides clarity on questions that were received today.

  • The Department of Education has received a significant amount of feedback and inquiries on applications for providers with multiple sites that are using one tax ID number, including challenges when those sites have different statuses regarding if they are open or closed. As a result, we are adjusting the instructions previously provided. The system is prepared to accept more than one application for each tax ID number/supplier ID. That means that each provider with multiple sites will be able to submit individual applications for each site/location, thereby allowing you to select your specific circumstances by site. If you have already submitted a combined application for the month of April, we will process those as submitted, and ask that you submit multiple applications next month. If you have not yet submitted, please follow these instructions for applications. 

  • Applications for enhanced reimbursement are only to be submitted once per month. For example, for May 2020, you will submit the online Enhanced Reimbursement any time after the 15th of May, using your enrollment as of May 15th.

  • Also, when submitting your application please be sure to follow the onscreen prompts. The application will have you complete your information, once you click SUBMIT it will provide you with an opportunity to review your information and then you will need to hit CONFIRM. That will lead you to the certificate page, where you will check the box, type your name and date and complete the Recaptcha and hit SIGN. After those steps have been completed, a confirmation page will pop up with an application ID number. Please retain a copy of that number for your records. 

  • Enrollment is not the same as attendance in this case. Enrollment is defined as number of Purchase of Care slots plus number of private pay slot as of the 15th of the application month. In example for April, how many slots do you have in POC and receiving private pay on 4/15. That is your enrollment figure. The application will calculate the difference between your licensed capacity and your enrollment to determine the number of vacant slots eligible for Enhanced Reimbursement.

  • For example: You have an Office of Child Care Licensing (OCCL) licensed capacity of 200. You currently have 75 Purchase of Care (POC) slots enrolled in the POC system and 25 private pay slots, you will be paid the enhanced reimbursement for the 100 vacant slots, this number will be automatically calculated for you once you enter in your total licensed capacity and enrollment.

Kimberly Krzanowski, Ed.D.
Executive Director
Office of Early Learning
Delaware Department of Education
401 Federal Street
Dover, Delaware 19901