From our Health Committee
Dear Shir Chadash Community,

As you know, the Health Committee recently sent out a survey to get a better idea of the level of vaccination in our congregation. The survey results have since been compiled, analyzed and reviewed by the Health Committee.

We received more than 150 survey responses, representing over 300 congregants. I am pleased to report that the vaccination rates at Shir Chadash are excellent. Overall, 86% of all respondents (including children) are fully vaccinated. When considering only those who are vaccine-eligible, 97% are fully vaccinated. 

Since these data are self-reported, we must trust that people answered truthfully. It is also possible that those who are unvaccinated were more reluctant to fill out the survey and, thus, we may be missing some congregants. Nonetheless, this is great news.

In light of these data, the Health Committee has made several recommendations. Masking is now optional for those who are fully vaccinated. Masking while indoors is still required for those who are unvaccinated, and those who are at high risk should continue to mask regardless of their vaccination status.

Social distancing should still be observed, but we can loosen the “6 feet” restrictions and no longer need to cordon off rows of pews in the Sanctuary. Gatherings like Sunday Minyan, Men's Club Breakfast, and in person classes can resume, provided everyone follows the recommendations regarding masking. 

There are more details that will need to be considered to implement some of these activities, but we are excited to be moving forward. 

Wishing us all Shabbat shalom,

Julie Finger
Chair, Health Committee