Y ou can begin booking your Drink Packages, Shore Excursions, etc with Royal Caribbean!
Your Royal Caribbean booking I.D. #:  Today you will receive per separate email a new copy of your invoice (paid off or not). On that invoice in the top left hand area will be highlighted in yellow   your Royal Caribbean booking I.D. #.

Don't misplace this invoice. Starting March, t his # will be needed when you book shore excursions, drink packages, specialty dining, spa's, etc. and also later this year when you are required to do your online ship check in with Royal Caribbean. 

Please note: When booking the on board drink packages, shore excursions, etc., these charges will be billed to your credit card at time of purchase. Should you change your mind after you purchase of a drink package, excursion, etc, your card will be refunded as long as it is cancelled within 24hrs of us sailing. 
GREAT DEAL On Ship Drink Pkgs

As WE MENTIONED in a previous newsletter, we were working on a drink package deal. We now have negotiated a 1 time 20% OFF on the 3 main on-ship drink packages (Deluxe, Refreshment, & Classic Soda Pkgs) and 10% off on Evian Water and Cafe Coffee packages.  These "1 Time"  Discounts will be offered ONLY during the upcoming months of MARCH & APRIL No reduced drink prices after that date nor on the ship . If you just couldn't wait and already reserved your drink package at the regular rate, you must now cancel and re-reserve in March or April to get the 20% or 10% off discounted prices. To book your drink packages, you will need your RCCL booking I.D. # shown on your Feb invoice highlighted in yellow on the top left side.  Same for excursions, spas, specialty dining, etc... but no discounts offered on these . To make this drink discount package available to our entire ship, we had to wave the free "happy hour" drinks for the Suite and Royal Caribbean Diamond Members in the Concierge Lounge. 

*If purchasing the Deluxe Drink Package,  each adult of legal drinking age assigned to the same stateroom must purchase this package.  This is a new cruise line rule.

Shore Excursions

Since this is a CUSTOM full ship charter we now have 10 hours onshore instead of the usual 5-7 hrs. That extra time means we finally have time to do both excursions and party  without rushing!  FYI to partiers: Our scheduled party times onshore are 12-4 on Grand Cayman, 3-7 at Cozumel and 3-7 at Key West. This gives you 6 hours to explore outside of party times. Click on the link below to see onshore time schedules.

NOTE:  All shore excursions are custom for our  High Seas Rally passengers ONLY . Explore now with our FUN people. We do expect a quick sell out of several of these . So best to book ASAP . We may have some flexibility to add a 2nd identical excursion in some cases if they fill early. We'll have to wait and see. Same procedure as booking drink packages shown below.  


Follow these instructions after you click on the link below:
On the top header bar on the right hand side of the page just below the word, HELP, click on  ALREADY BOOKED   Then click on CRUISE PLANNER . In the white header bar it will read, Shore Excursions, Dining, Beverages, etc . Click your preference. Then hit RESERVE NOW . Then follow the info asked. Now you will need your RCCL booking I.D. # mentioned above on your February invoice to complete your reservation.  The date of departure is November 30, 2019 and the name of the ship is the Brilliance of the Seas. 
KRONOS BAND will be back for our 2019 Cruise!

For those that were with us in 2017, you couldn't walk away from the great sound of our centrum band flown in from Europe. They were so popular we had them sign a guitar and auctioned it off for $2500 for Debbie's Dialysis fund. From Classic Rock to Country...these guys are awesome! In addition we're currently checking into a couple more tribute bands like Journey, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith.

Also, from another RCCL ship we grabbed a cruise director that's "our kinda guy" that wants to be a biker and he'll  fit in perfectly with our group.
Early Bird Drawing

Congratulations to everyone who paid off their cabin and made it into the Early Bird Drawing  for the price of your cabin in CASH up to $5,000 by paying off your cabin on or before Feb. 1. You will receive your ticket into the drawing with your welcome package when you check in onto the ship.  There will be a prize drum for this drawing that you yourself will put your ticket in.  Good luck to each and everyone of you!
2019 Cabins Selling Fast!!

There are still 2 family suites available that sleep up to 4 or 8, a half dozen balconies, a good selection of Ocean View & Inside cabins in great locations and two large SI category (1) person Studio Interior cabins available for someone who is coming single and would love to be in a quiet but great location on the ship next to other single traveling passengers. Still time to get your friends and family on board with us for what is going to be the Biggest, the Best, the Greatest High Seas Rally of all time!!! AND if they mention you recruited get a ticket in the $2,000 Virgin Bounty CASH drawing the 1st night of the cruise for recruiting them!

2nd Time in High Seas Rally's History!

Currently, we have (4) 7 day donation cruises to raffle off during our 2019 High Seas Rally Full Ship Charter.  We will be selling raffle tickets that you can purchase and put into the designated donation vacation ticket boxes that you would like to try to win. We will draw a winner for each on stage on the last night of the cruise. To date we have donations from:  Royal Caribbean (Alaska),  Celebrity (Bermuda), Carnival Cruise Line Dream Vacations .   

How amazing is this to see such generous support of our charity from all of our travel partners! And only  YOU , our 2019 passengers, will have the opportunity to win one of these fabulous trips! Good luck to each and everyone of you who participates in the raffles and know that you too will also be supporting the Debbie's Dialysis Fund with every ticket that you purchase.
Blue One Transportation Shuttle

We're teaming up with Blue One again this year. Those needing transfers from the airports to the hotels, from the hotels to the ship and back to the airport...these guys do it right. Click on our TRANSPORTATION page of our website for rates and info.


High Seas Rally Hotels: Going fast! For those that are and should come into Tampa at least 1 day before we sail. Embassy Suites is sold out already but we have a few rooms left at our discounted group rate prices at the Marriott Waterside. Click on our hotel page of our website to get the scoop. 
HSR Merchandise

T'shirts, etc should be available in just a few weeks now. You'll get a special newsletter just for that. To order, you will need your username and password that was on your initial paperwork we regular mailed you. Lost or forgot it...just call. Remember, only registered passengers can buy this exclusive merchandise. If you see someone wearing a HSR shirt they were there or going this year. We feel that's the way event t-shirts should be sold.
ATTENTION:   If you have not read all of the last 18 newsletters you will be missing valuable info for hotels, parties, drink packages, shore excursions all HSR special events, giveaways, prizes, etc. Please click on the link below and get caught up. The newsletters are on the left hand side. Just mouse over and click.

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