September 16, 2018
Annual Regional Assessment Changes
To: All Region 16 Members
cc: Regional Executive Committee
As previously communicated with our chorus leaders, the Lake Ontario Region 16 Executive Committee (REC) has a fiscal responsibility to the membership of the region and is always looking for new and innovative ways to streamline processes in an effort to make the collection of funds more efficient and easier for our choruses.  As such, we monitor other region's new and effective ideas for potential implementation within Region 16 Since  the following method has been successful in several regions, the REC has decided to adopt it for Region 16.

Starting May 1, 2019, the annual Regional Assessment and Convention All Events Badge (AEB) payments will be merged into one.  As in the past, each chorus will be assessed based on closing membership numbers as of December 31st, each member's Regional Assessment will be due by mid-January, and payments are non-refundable.  The new $100 Regional Assessment payment will be collected from every Region 16 member beginning January 2020.  This also means that, commencing in 2020, member AEB $ will no longer be included on convention registration forms.

If you have any questions, please contact Cathy Stovold
Cathy Stovold
Membership Director
Sue Melvin
Education Director
June Donovan
Administrative Director