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Important BearBuy Updates

February 2017

Dear BearBuy Users,
We would like to inform you of a few updates.  Please review the topics below and follow the links or scroll down for more information on each topic. 
This month's BearBuy News:
As always, if you have any questions, please contact Customer Support at (415) 514-4100, Option 2 or  appsupport@ucsf.edu  for immediate assistance.

Thank you for your continued support, 
BearBuy Team 
UCSF Supply Chain Management


Foreign suppliers requiring set up in BearBuy should complete the appropriate IRS Form W-8 and submit to vendors@ucsf.edu. The IRS Form W-8BEN is used for foreign individuals and the IRS Form W-8BEN-E is used for foreign entities.

Effective immediately, we are implementing a Substitute Form W-8BEN-E. The new form has fewer pages and will save time for the supplier and complies with the IRS requirements.

The most recent version of all Supplier Registration forms can be found on the Supply Chain Management website. Please discontinue using previous versions as they will no longer be accepted.
3. America To Go Departmental Tastings

There are 119 unique Caterers/Restaurants available in the America To Go (ATG) Punch-out today, all offering a variety of cuisines - American, Pizza, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and much more!

With the continuous expansion of caterers/restaurants available in the Punch-out, America To Go would like to expand the number of departmental tastings offered to UCSF.

What are departmental tastings?

Tastings set up with a UCSF department/unit where ATG brings in sample items from a selected group of America To Go caterers/restaurants for the department to taste from. An ATG representative works directly with the department and pulls together caterers/restaurants for the tasting based on the department's current and future event needs and event types.

What to expect:
  • Meet and Greet selected caterers/restaurants
  • Menu tastings based on department's needs (food quality, presentation, etc.)
  • More information on customizable orders
If you would like to participate in a tasting session, please feel free to contact Audrey Emmer from America To Go at audrey.emmer@americatogo.com.
4. New QIAGEN Hosted Catalog

We are excited to announce that a QIAGEN Hosted Catalog is now available in BearBuy search results to make purchasing easier and more efficient!

Through BearBuy you will:
  • Save time
  • Immediate access to your preferred pricing
  • Receive $25 flat rate shipping per order
For more information about QIAGEN products or questions about ordering, contact your local sales representative.

Heather Javier

For general inquiries or questions about your catalog, contact QIAGEN customer service.

5. Where to find Catalog supplier contact information in BearBuy
Q: Where can I find contact information for the BearBuy catalog suppliers? Sometimes I need to reach customer service or a Sales Representative for
assistance with my order.
A: The Catalog Suppliers 411 lists contact information for each catalog supplier's
general customer service, as well as individual Sales Representatives who are more familiar with UCSF's needs and purchasing processes. The spreadsheet also
contains other helpful details about each catalog supplier, such as the UCSF
negotiated shipping terms. To access this resource, navigate to the BearBuy
Shopping Homepage. On the left side of the page, click on the "Catalog Suppliers
411" link, and open the Excel spreadsheet.