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BearBuy Monthly Updates
October 2017
Dear BearBuy Users,
We would like to inform you of a few updates and important events coming soon. 
Please review the topics below and follow the links or scroll down for more information on each topic.  
This month's BearBuy News:
  1. Cal Zero Waste Invites You to Our Fall 2017 EPP Roadshow!
  2. Upcoming Limited BearBuy Team Availability
  3. New BearBuy Shopper Courses Available in 2018
  4. 'Did you know?' Useful BearBuy Tip Reminder

If you have any questions, please contact the BearBuy Help Desk at 
510-664-9000 (options 1,2) or   BearBuyHelp@berkeley.edu   for immediate assistance.

Thank you for your continued support, 

UC Berkeley BearBuy Team 
Supply Chain Management
1. Cal Zero Waste Invites You to the Fall 2017 EPP Roadshow!
The Cal Zero Waste team invites you to come out to the UCB Fall 2017 Environmentally Preferred Products (EPP) Roadshow. Come try EPP samples and learn about how to get to zero waste in your lab and office.

There will be Supplier representatives from VWR, Labcon, Give Something Back, E&K Scientific, Rainin and Ricoh USA!

Learn more about Cal Zero Waste efforts at UC Berkeley by going to zerowaste.berkeley.edu .
2. Upcoming Limited BearBuy Team Availability
The BearBuy team will be conducting critical BearBuy system tests starting October 23rd through November 10th. These system tests will ensure all new changes made to BearBuy do not disrupt the current routing and workflow process.

Please be aware of these dates as you may experience delays in getting responses from the BearBuy team. We are working with our Help Desk and Supply Chain Management team to minimize any disruptions you may experience.

We apologies for the inconvenience in advance. 
3. New BearBuy Basics for Shopper Course Available in 2018
Beginning January 2018, Supply Chain Management will be hosting and facilitating a monthly hands on Shopper training. This hands-on classroom training is for new shoppers and department users who need to purchase and/or pay for items and/or services.

Participants will learn:
  • BearBuy basics, 
  • BearBuy Terminology, 
  • General overview of catalogs and forms, 
  • BearBuy shopping concepts & workflow, and 
  • Have the opportunity to test their knowledge through several hands-on scenarios in the system. 

All Shopper trainings are open for enrollment. To register for a class, simply:
  1. Log into the UC Berkeley Learning Center
  2. Select the search icon (magnifying glass)
  3. Enter the course code of the class you'd like to take (see schedule listed below)
  4. Select course and Register!

Course Schedule:

All upcoming in-class training's are listed on our SCM BearBuy Training Courses webpage . Please note, our course have a minimum attendance requirement. If a minimum of 6 or more users is not met, this session will be rescheduled.
4. 'Did you know?' Useful BearBuy Tip Reminder
Q: A voucher (invoice) has just been approved. Now that it is fully approved, how can I tell when payment for that voucher (invoice) will be issued?

A: All vouchers, display their respective scheduled pay date within the Summary - General section of the voucher.

The General section displays the Voucher number, Supplier invoice number, Invoice date, Due Date and Payment terms . Payment is issued based on the Supplier payment terms and supplier invoice date .

The image to the right is a snapshot of a sample voucher. Based on the information displayed, payment for this particular voucher was issued by UCB Accounts Payable 10 days from the invoice date , making the voucher payment due date October 2, 2017.
Once payment is issued, payment information will be reflected within the Summary - Payment Information section of the voucher.