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September 2017
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This month's BearBuy News:
  1. Using Sponsored Funds to Pay Independent Contractors
  2. Got Gas!
  3. Under Armour Apparel Catalog Now Available In BearBuy
  4. 'Did you know?' Useful BearBuy Tip Reminder

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Supply Chain Management
1. Using Sponsored Funds to Pay Independent Contractors
California Public Contract Code (PCC) requires UC to competitively and publicly bid the purchase of goods and/or services that exceed $100,000 per annual year unless a statutory exception applies and that exception is documented in writing. This requirement for bidding also applies purchases made to support research from sponsored funds. The exceptions to the competitive bid requirement are interpreted narrowly and will rarely apply to ordinary goods and/or services. 

Naming a contractor on a SPO proposal and award does not mean that supplier can perform the work without bidding out the requirements for ordinary goods and services ≥ $100,000 in an annual year. If goods and/or services need to be competitively bid, please contact your Buyer as early as possible about soliciting a Request for Proposal (RFP). An RFP may be issued prior to funding approval and may be made subject to the availability of funding.

Alternatively, identifying the type of goods or services by specifications and performance on the grant proposal rather than naming suppliers will allow researchers more flexibility after funding award to select the best supplier and comply with state contract code. Researchers may then work with their assigned buyer in Supply Chain Management to develop, solicit and advertise Request for Proposals. The researcher (and the evaluation team) may then evaluate and select a supplier according to the most advantageous balance of price, quality, service, performance and other elements as pre-defined by the researcher. 
2. Got Gas!
Praxair has been awarded the opportunity to service UC Berkeley as the authorized compressed/cylinder gas supplier. Praxair is one of the largest industrial gases companies worldwide and in the North and South America known for providing high quality products, optimized processes and ongoing innovation focused on specialized needs. Praxair's fast, reliable and expansive portfolio of gases and equipment provides UC Berkeley with customized services. Praxair helps universities maximize their performance, safety and outcomes while helping minimize environmental impact. 

To set up an account, please email or call Praxair's Customer Service at cencacsr@praxair.com or 1-800-660-2066.

For more information about Praxair services CLICK HERE .
3. Under Armour Apparel Apparel Catalog Now Available In BearBuy
UC Berkeley faculty and staff can now receive 40% off retail catalog pricing on branded Under Armour apparel items for their campus organizations and departmental units. Orders can be placed directly through Bear Buy by selecting the " KollegeTown Sports " punch-out catalog listed within the Office/Supplies/Books category. Once items have been added to your cart and customized, simply return back to Bear Buy and complete your order.
For custom orders, contact UCB's KollegeTown Sports account manager, Eric Howitt, at 310-801-0953 or via email at ejhowitt@kollegetown.com. Once you have received your custom quote/estimate, please use the non-catalog form in BearBuy to generate a purchase order to KollegeTown Sports for prompt billing and payment.

4. 'Did you know?' Useful BearBuy Tip Reminder
Q: When I create a purchase order in BearBuy, which supplier do I select if I have a quote from a supplier that has merged with another company?
A: When creating purchase orders, you will want to choose the supplier that will be invoicing you for the order. If you are uncertain which supplier to choose, contact the supplier to confirm which company will be invoicing you for the order. This is important because payment will only be made to the supplier listed on the purchase order.