Important BearBuy and Vendoring Updates

Supply Chain Management’s mission focuses on expanding opportunities for teaching, research, and public service by delivering savings and efficient procurement services across UC Berkeley. In support of our mission, Supply Chain Management continues to work on improving the BearBuy and Vendoring program.

See below for exciting program updates, new features and upcoming changes:

  1. Payment Request Form Approval Change
  2. Vendoring Website Changes
  3. Vendoring Survey - Your Feedback Needed!
  4. New Supplier Search Feature Available in BearBuy
1. Payment Request Form Approval Changes

As we continue to support the campus Operating Principle "We Simplify", the Controller's Office and Supply Chain Management have removed the 2nd org node approval step from the payment request form workflow. 

Payment Request Forms are used for limited transactions when a Purchase Order is not required and when the expense has already been incurred. Please refer to the Controller's website for guidance on when to use that form type. 

As a result, regardless of dollar amount, vouchers associated to Payment Request Forms created after July 5th will no longer require the voucher approval step, which was a redundant action. Requisition Org Node Approval will now serve as the authorization for purchase and payment. 

What to expect beginning July 5th:

  • Shoppers: No change
  • Requisition Creators & Approvers: No change
  • Voucher Approvers: Will no longer see payment request vouchers in their Approval’s list.

Any questions about the process should be emailed to the Accounts Payable help desk at

*Payment request form orders auto flip and create voucher (payment) after requisition approval is complete. 

2. Vendoring Website Changes

The SCM Vendoring Webpages have been updated and now provide more information including:

  1. How to request supplier setup, supplier profile update or supplier reactivation 
  2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to address some of the most common questions we receive

Visit our new Feedback survey link to provide us with feedback on the updates.

3. Vendoring Survey - Your Feedback Needed!

Do you submit requests to setup, update or reactivate supplier profiles? If so, we need your input! 

Click here to fill out this five minute survey!

Be eligible to win one of ten $10 gift cards, when you complete it by Wednesday, August 16th! We will contact all winners on August 17th.

4. New Supplier Search Feature in BearBuy 

Available July 5th: all users, regardless of BearBuy role, will have the ability to search Supplier in BearBuy. 

What to expect after July 5th:

  • Shoppers will be able to directly enter employee/student information onto the payment request form and view it (no longer need to select Supplier Not Found).
  • A new Suppliers Menu icon will be visible in the left side BearBuy navigation panel. 

Supplier Search Menu Navigation Pages

Supplier Profile Landing Page (Overview)