Tuesday 3/24/2020 Updates on COVID-19
As Huron County and Fisher-Titus faces this challenging COVID-19 pandemic, we are working diligently to try to stay ahead of the curve. The Fisher-Titus Foundation is writing you at this time as a plea for your help. We are asking for your donations of any and all unused PPE. Sterile and non-sterile gloves, surgical gowns, masks, and anything you can spare to help in preparation and protection of our frontline caregivers from this virus. We are also asking for information about anyone who has access to a 3D Printer.
We have such a giving community we need your help to continue to protect our loved ones and frontline care givers. If you will please contact The Foundation Office we will make arrangements to come pick up any supplies you can give. This is an urgent request and hope to hear from you by the end of this week so that we can have these items on hand. Please contact Valerie Christian at the FT Foundation directly at 419-660-2920 or vchristian@ftmc.com  or ext. 6095.
FAMILIES FIRST CORONAVIRUS RESPONSE ACT- Emergency Sick Leave and Emergency Family Medical Leave Expansion Act update 3/24/20

NEDC Board Member, Denny Camp from Payne Nickles & Co. shared
the following:
There is truly an overload of information coming at all of us daily. As for the Sick Leave and Family Medical Leave Act there have been some clarifications in the last two days. First and most important is that the Governors order to “Stay at Home” will not qualify as a quarantine. So the only employees that will qualify are those sick from the virus, caring for someone sick or needed to stay at home to care for their children because they have lost their day care services. Also it appears that the employee must be employed on the effective date of the of the new law, which is to be 4/2/20 or sooner. The DOL will announce this date. So if someone is already unemployed before this date it looks like they will not qualify.
The two documents are a good summary and question and answers about the new law.

Keep in mind that there are new regulations coming out almost daily so as things develop we will try to keep you informed or you can look on the Payne Nickles website for available updates.
This is a hard time for many who have suddenly been laid off or will be soon. Multiple area businesses are still open and hiring now.  
  • Amazon
  • Walmart, Aldi's, Discount Drug Mart
  • Other essential retail
  • Healthcare

Openings at Amazon start at $17/hour for thousands of positions in Northeast Ohio. Find out more information at  Amazon Jobs .

Several organizations and media outlets are developing resource lists

Apply online at  OhioMeansJobs.com  

Please share this with community members.

T he Health Department has received a lot of calls from citizens as well as businesses in regards to:

  • Is a business still open?
  • Why is a business still open?
  • My business had to close, what help can I get?
  • etc...

Huron County Chamber of Commerce will be fielding these calls since they service the whole county. They will enter them into a spreadsheet and NEDC will be assisting. We will work with the employers, utilizing the Director’s Orders, to determine if they are considered “essential”.

Please send people with questions to
Huron County
Chamber of Commerce
Phone 419-668-4155

Heather M. Horowitz
Norwalk Economic Development Corporation
Norwalk Economic Development Corporation | Website