NOVEMBER, 17, 2020

Dear Patron, Friends and Community,

Greetings from quarantine at Doolin’s. Here is today’s update...

  • One of our servers received a positive test last night. This employee worked on Tuesday, 11/10 and Thursday, 11/12 from 11 - 4 each day

  • We have already contacted all customers that may have been served by this employee on those days to make them aware

  • The CDC may still contact you for contact tracing purposes but they are pretty busy right now so we wanted to let everyone know

  • None of the employees that tested positive are exhibiting any symptoms at this point and feel fine

  • We continue to target Tuesday, December 1 as our re-opening date

  • As always, if you have any questions please contact me

Stay safe out there!

cell (207) 462-7107
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