COVID-19 and its Impact on Daily Operations

In light of the school closings and requests for social distancing, Pine Landscape Center will attempt to do its part with some safer operating procedures the next few weeks.

For those of you that do business with us on a daily basis, we ask that you pull through the scale in front of the office and we will handle your entire transaction via our intercom system. Your receipts will be emailed/texted to you.

For those of you wanting to place orders with us, we are always available by phone, but if you come out to browse the yard, we also ask you to pull through the scale and place your orders via our intercom system as well.

Our inside and outside sales team will still be onsite to answer questions, assist in product selection, and get you in and out of the supply yard as smoothly as possible. Limiting physical contact throughout each business transaction will be of utmost importance as we work to protect the well-being of not only our employees, but our customers and our community.

We thank you for your assistance as we incorporate social distancing that is being requested of all of us to combat the spread of Covid-19. Let’s keep everyone healthy!!


Kathy Pine & the PLC Team

* * * *